A Horrible Case of Cabin Fever

We had a horrible case of cabin fever last week, so we took a day trip on Sunday to a small island off the coast of Maine. With the sky clear and blue and the snow-covered mountains in the distance, the drive was beautiful! In Bangor, all the rivers and streams are completely iced over. However, south of Freeport, the rivers are running freely, but still have icy banks.

We stopped at a couple of large antique malls along the way. One had ramps leading from one room to another, and each time we pushed the stroller down a ramp, Max would yell, “Wheeeee!!!” When he got bored in the van, he’d start singing his ABC’s as loud as he could. Frank and Ali played the ABC game using the words on road signs, and they both squealed with glee when we drove on one really narrow, cliff side island road. We got to eat out twice, too, so it was almost like a mini-vacation, even though it was only 10 hours long.

We have Spring fever pretty bad and are already considering trading our pop-up camper in for a bigger one. Heh…

Hugs to everybody!


P.S. Here’s a personal letter I received from a reader about the low-carb, fake mashed potatoes (click HERE).

Any chance you’d publish that “Mashed Potato” recipe (a.k.a. the mystery low carb cauliflower dish)? Sounds worth trying.


Sure! And it’s so easy!

The trick is to make it according to the recipe, but then put it in the oven to absorb some of the moisture so they’re not too runny. The “mashed potatoes” are much more fluffy that way. And, use the blender to mash it, not the electric beaters. They come out smooth as silk (no lumps). You’ll need to push the cauliflower down into the blades with a spoon. But, once a bit of it gets mixed, it gets easier and it all starts churning.

The recipe is online HERE.

The recipe calls for too much cream. Just add it bit by bit until the “mashed potatoes” are the right consistency.

We mix bacon bits and cheese with the final dish and put it in the oven where it browns slightly on top (and, of course, loses its runniness). Yum!