3 Australian Publications that Welcome Overseas Writers! – by Kerry Martin Millan

3 Australian Publications that Welcome Overseas Writers! – by Kerry Martin Millan

Curious about Australia? Are you longing to seek cultural experience while being painfully aware of travel bans? In the current pandemic, where creativity and imagination is paramount for a semblance of normalcy, I find myself writing about various cultural niches non-stop. Australia is a beautiful country of rugged lands and unique species, juxtaposed with thriving cities and rich cultural diversity. Why not let your imagination run wild with these paying literary publications?

You don’t have to be Australian, nor solely focus on Australian issues. International issues are also welcome. All you need is a penchant for literary works, and a desire to say something different, insightful, or daring.

Quadrant  accepts more than 200 articles, 200 poems, 70 book reviews, 20 short stories and 75 letters to the editor each year. They also are willing to review unsolicited, previously unpublished articles that fit within its journal of ideas, essays, literature, poetry and historical and political debate. It seeks “cultural freedom, anti-totalitarianism and classical liberalism, but its pages are open to any well-written and thoughtful contribution.” Some of their writers are internationally renowned; some are previously unknown.

Pays $AU40 to $AU250 for contributions.

Submission Guidelines: https://quadrant.org.au/submissions

Verity La is an online, creative arts journal publishing short fiction, poetry, cultural comment, photo-media, reviews and interviews from Australia and around the world. As a result of financial support from their fabulous readers and Create NSW.

Pays $AU100 per article.

Submission guidelines are found here – https://verityla.com/submission-guidelines

Hecate is an interdisciplinary feminist journal. It welcomes overseas contributions but authors must have some sort of Australian connection – got a cousin in Australia or perhaps travelled there?

Pays $AU49 to $AU99. They are currently full of submissions presently, but advise on their website when they require works again.

Submission Guidelines – https://hecate.communications-arts.uq.edu.au/about

You can embark on a cultural journey to Australia from the comfort of your computer screen while getting paid for it!


Kerry Martin Millan is a freelance journalist and massage therapist from Australia. Her works have been published in Australia and overseas. She cooks, massages and messes about to deal with the ebbs and flows of writing. The above jpeg file should contain my image.

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