Amazon’s Buy-Button Giveaway Controversy! Comments From Our Readers – 12/13/18

Amazon’s Buy-Button Giveaway Controversy! Comments From Our Readers – 12/13/18

COMMENTS ON: Did Amazon “Give” Your Buy Button to a 3rd Party Seller and is Your List Price Way Too High? WE HAVE A TIP FOR YOU!

Amazon is infuriating! Here’s an article over a year old that’s worth reading.

Maybe it’s time to get MAD and organize instead of allowing Amazon to stretch the limits of our country’s anti-trust laws. Authors Wake Up and Rise Up! We are not alone.

Pat Brunn-Perkins

They will probably only let you buy one copy of each title at the low price. At least, that’s what they do for me.

Johnny Townsend
A Day at the Temple
Lying for the Lord
The Gay Mormon Quilter’s Club


I purchased four copies a quarter of my list price a few months ago and they ordered more. Hah!

Danny Creasy

I’ve checked on Amazon. They have dropped the prices way below their cost. Not sure what that means. Should I order a ton of them?

Woodrow Wilson

I just checked Amazon, and they are listing my book with Prime shipping, but the list price is 10% off the cover price! I have no idea why.

Linda Gray

My book BUY button was bought by PBSshop before it was released. They never had the book. They never delivered the book to countless customers. I only found out because more than a few friends bought from them (before the book was even out it was listed BELOW amazon price) and wrote me they never received the book. I wrote PBS and they said they were refunding the customers’ $. I asked them for a list of folks who purchased. They refused. How many sales did I lose? I have no idea.

Lisa Kusel

My children’s picture book retails for CAD$13.95 and US$9.95 but Amazon had it listed for something crazy like $245. Now Amazon has it listed for $43.54. I’m not sure why the price got into the mid $200’s and I’m not sure why it keeps changing and I’m not sure why it’s now at $43.54 (what an odd price!). And because Amazon is so difficult to deal with, and the one time I did deal with them they basically told me that they’re Amazon and they can do whatever they want, I really don’t know how to get them to change my book’s price or get them to stop carrying my title or even how or where to complain about Amazon’s “shenanigan’s”. Grrr!

Diane C.

My “Mozart’s Wife” has had the primary sales button taken over by a “reseller” who, I suspect, has access to an old file of the book, which has been continuously in print since 2001, but through many different and now defunct publishers. In an attempt to reclaim my work, I’ve recovered and retitled the book “The Intimate Mozart.” I doubt if this is going to sell the way the original title did…and I’ve been trying to figure out how to spike this theft of my property.

Juliet Waldron

When Amazon has this type of database error for print books, I tell authors to buy as many copies as they can at that cheap price (if they need copies to sell themselves, or for reviewers) because they’ll also earn royalties on those sales. ??

Amazon should NOT be discounting your ebook list price, however!

Angela Hoy – Publisher of

Just the opposite here – Amazon has cut my book’s price in half. Mystifying….and it is half-price for both the paperback and the kindle. They are undercutting everyone else (including my own online store) – after playing games and saying my book was “out of stock” and it would take a month to restock more copies, now they have swung the other way. Sometimes I just want to punch them in the face!






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