Comments From Our Readers – 12/06/18

Comments From Our Readers – 12/06/18

COMMENTS ON: OUR NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!! Does THIS Look Like a Newborn to You?! And, a Plane Crashed RIGHT HERE!


I thought for a number of years that I had injured my right shoulder. The pain was at first annoying, but as time went on it increased exponentially. I went to specialists and therapists I even had acupuncture. Nothing worked. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, and received therapy, which did not work.

Gradually I began to lose control of my right hand, and then my left shoulder and arm began to hurt so badly I could not sleep more that a couple of hours at night. Finally my family doctor sent me to have an MRI, thinking I might have had a torn rotator cuff.

It was not my shoulder that was causing the problems, but bone spurs in my neck were pressing upon my sciatic nerves, that controlled my arms and hands, so badly, I needed immediate surgery.

I had two discs replaced with artificial discs made from silicone, (then an experimental procedure that saved me from having to have my neck fused). The surgery lasted six hours, but the pain was immediately gone afterward. I was out of the hospital the next day. I walked out without having to have any assistance. Three days later I went on a three mile hike, totally without pain. Angela, do not assume your shoulder pain is from a shoulder injury. It could be spinal.

John R.

By Angela Hoy – Publisher of

Oh, John.

What a nightmare!!

My shoulder gets better if I don’t use it for several weeks. It will get completely better, with no pain at all…until I have a clumsy accident. 😉


She is divine! And what a fabulous head of hair! Now you have even more motivation (not that you need it) to get that leg and shoulder healed so you can do all that fun grandma stuff. Measuring the clot every 3 days? Heck, I’d be measuring it every day and probably twice a day. So I get it. Cheers!

Pamela Allegretto
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Are you sure that shoulder is really a sprain and not a torn rotator cuff?

Jedidiah Manowitz

By Angela Hoy – Publisher of

I do not know for sure but I have had issues with this shoulder for three years and I know that if I rest is long enough, it gets better. I refuse to have surgery on it.


Oh my gosh the munchkin looks like she is three months old or more. Okay. At this rate she will be walking in a month, running in five weeks, and telling the grownups off a week after that. Keep us posted.

Angela stop measuring your clot, you are gonna drive yourself nertz. Relax and do exactly what the doctor says and take this opportunity to rest, relax, drink that cocoa (did you find any Hershey natural?), and find out whether you are supposed to raise that leg (no pillow under the knee to block the artery). Read. Lots.

Take care!

Linda Gigliotti
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By Angela Hoy – Publisher of

I have to measure it because, if it is not dissolving naturally, they need to slice me open and remove it. I do NOT want that but I also don’t want to have a deformed leg for the rest of my life. 😉


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