Comments From Our Readers – 11/20/18

Comments From Our Readers – 11/20/18

COMMENTS FROM: ROYALTY REFUSAL? A Charity Gets RUDE After I Try to Fulfill an Author’s Last Wish

Holy smokes I would have had fun with that one. First I would have tried a couple times with Ms. Stupido at the desk. Then on to the head office where I would mention those dollar signs. If they fail to bandaid my fury then I tell them I am going to give their outfit some much needed free publicity.

Oh I feel a nice juicy Italian cuss word coming on.

Linda Gigliotti
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Angela, you most certainly went far ‘above and beyond’ with these folks!

I am utterly amazed that a charity would be so rude to someone who was just trying to fulfill a legal obligation. If mentioning the $$ amount is what it finally took to move the wheels forward, I question the operating ethics of that charity. It also makes me wonder about (some) charities, in general.

Unfortunately, I can relate to what happened to you.
I had a very negative incident with a charity in Minnesota. It only takes one such incident to end all giving to it, or places like it.


Like you have nothing else to do with your time! I admire your tenacity to try and do the right (legal) thing. I’m hoping that your injuries have healed from the fall. best wishes!

Pamela Allegretto
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COMMENTS FROM: STILL GROTESQUELY SWOLLEN but the Doc Says I’m Not Gonna Die! (Includes a new photo!)

And then some.
You are very fortunate you did not break something the way you must have landed to do this kind of damage.

The crazy part is, like most ‘at home’ accidents, they happen out of the blue – when absolutely nothing is going on around you.

Be careful, Angela (good 20/20 hindsight advice, I know).


I’m so glad the risk of a clot breaking free is low. That was my first concern. About 25 years ago, I helped a friend move. After we were finally finished, the only thing left to do was lift the metal ramp at the back of the truck and shove it back into the truck. It was heavy, so I pushed with all my might. And it jammed. Of course, I kept going, smashing the tops of both thighs into the metal ramp. Within 3 or 4 seconds, huge bruises the size of saucers appeared on both thighs. I was too scared to go to a doctor, afraid of what awful procedure might be necessary, or thinking maybe there was nothing that could be done. Anyway, it took SIX months for the bruises to go away, and when they finally did, they left permanent dents in my thighs where tissue had died. I have those dents to this day. I’m glad you saw a doctor and are taking action to help your healing. Your injury looks much worse than mine, but I think with your active participation in your healing, you’ll have a good outcome.

Johnny Townsend
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Yeah, I’m going to have a “dent” in my leg, too. I can feel it around the edges of the clot under my skin. Guess I’ll need to start wearing bermuda shorts instead of short shorts. 😉 I’m at the age where a few scars and deformities no longer bother me. I call them battle scars. If somebody doesn’t like me because I have a gimpy leg, then that’s not a friend I want to have. 😉

Angela Hoy – Publisher of

Hi Angela,
To speed up the re-absorption of that haematoma you could try largish doses of Vitamin C (2-3 grams per day, divided, preferably the soluble type).
The other combination I used to treat bruises on my horses as well as my son and his pals when they fell out of trees / off ponies etc., was a gel made from Witch Hazel and Arnica.
Here’s the Google link to horse supply places in your neck of the woods – you could call a couple and see if they have something like it. It really is amazing!

Suze St Maur


Thank you so much, Suze! I’ve been taking 1000 mg of C at night and another 1000 mg each morning, along with extra vitamin D and A…and my multivitamin, of course. I’m going to check out those links now. It is taking FOREVER for the swelling to go down and for the huge clot (which I have affectionately named “pancake” because it feels like a 5? x 5? rubbery, fat pancake under my skin) to get smaller. I’m a very impatient person and I really hate being infirm and depending on everybody else to do everything for me. (Hey, Max, can you pretty please turn the TV toward me? Mason, can you bring me a bottle of juice, please? Richard, can you grab me another Klondike bar…and, by the way, did you see the grocery list I emailed to you? Brian, I need to elevate my leg for a couple of hours. Can you check my email for any emergencies?) I’m currently watching Call the Midwife while I work. Got burned out on campy Hallmark Channel Christmas specials. They’re like Harlequin Romances. The plots are all almost the same! 😉

Angela Hoy – Publisher of


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  1. Sue Deutsch  November 22, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    What is happening is an example of the extremes that sometimes happen in medicine(as well as in some other areas of life). For several years it became easy, for some people(who may not have needed them) to obtain unlimited amounts of strong prescription pain killers. Unfortunately this led, for a variety of reasons, to a seeming “epidemic” of addiction. So the pendulum swung in the other direction. Now doctors are severely limited in their ability to prescribe effective pain medication for people who need it. People who have chronic, severe pain are being punished for the actions of people who have become addicted to medication. Addicts should not be punished, but should receive proper treatment. And people who need effective pain medication should be able to receive it.