Amazon Driver Caught Stealing Packages, Selling Goods Online; and much more! – In The News – 11/18/2023

Amazon Driver Caught Stealing Packages, Selling Goods Online; and much more! – In The News – 11/18/2023

I wonder if Amazon conducts any kind of background check.
Amazon driver accused of stealing packages in BC and selling them on Facebook
“The driver’s home was later searched and the individual – who has not been named – was arrested on suspicion of committing 32 counts of theft.”

Universities teaching or allowing hatred and bigotry should not receive ONE PENNY of taxpayer money!
Prestigious universities plagued by antisemitism receive billions in taxpayer-backed cash, analysis finds
“Regular people are asking why taxpayer money is flowing into any university where they’ve incubated discrimination, bigotry and antisemitism…”

Is this what YOU send your kid to school for?
Adults and teachers ‘pulling the strings’ behind students protesting against Israel, author says
“One Cornell University student, Patrick Dai, was arrested last week for threatening violence against Jews – including the beheading of Jewish babies and the raping of Jewish women.”

So, what are little kids in Gaza reading? It ain’t Dr. Seuss.

Hollywoods stars worried about AI.
Scarlett Johansson tackles AI in legal showdown against app that used her likeness, voice in ad
“There’s a lot of possibility that they don’t care if they get in trouble, and it’s worth it to get their name out there because everybody’s talking about this application right now…”

Wake Up Call
Randi Weingarten gets educated about exactly who is to blame for the rise in homeschooling
“Dozens of comments flooded in, blaming Weingarten for parents opting out of the public school system.”

I wonder if they will enforce this fairly across the board.
YouTube requiring disclosure of AI-generated content, adding labels
“The video platform said it is also going to begin allowing people to request the removal of AI-generated content that ‘simulates an identifiable individual’ including the use of their face or voice…”

The Bible is NOT hate speech.
Finnish lawmaker wins second ‘hate speech’ case over quoting the Bible
“The prosecution characterized Räsänen’s sharing of a Bible verse against homosexuality (Romans 1:24-27)…as intended to cause intolerance, contempt and hatred toward homosexuals.”

Exactly whose “TRUTH” are they going to protect?
NewsGuard’s For-Profit Censorship Model Merges Government and Corporate Power
“NewsGuard’s ultimately unsuccessful pitch sheds light on one aspect of a growing effort by governments around the world to police speech ranging from genuine disinformation to dissent from officially sanctioned narratives.”

Should Google pay news outlets?
Publishers should seek billions from Google, study argues
“The paper’s core calculation is based on a study of Swiss people, which found that about half of searches are for ‘information,’ rather than, say, a search for a specific website or to buy something.”


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