Investigation: City Paid an Astounding $73K to Write and Publish a Book about the Pandemic! – In The News – 11/10/2022

Investigation: City Paid an Astounding $73K to Write and Publish a Book about the Pandemic! – In The News – 11/10/2022

These soldiers were last issued prayer books in WW1
Sikh Prayer Books Return to Military After 100 Years
“For Sikhs our scriptures are not just words, they are the living embodiment of our guru. We draw moral strength and physical strength from reading the scriptures every day, it gives us discipline and it grows us spiritually.”

If they had only published with BookLocker! It would have cost just $975 for the publishing part!!
City councilor wants investigation of Albuquerque pandemic book
“City records show the city shelled out at least $73,238.63 to write and publish the book.”

More angry parents speak out at school district meetings.
Angry parents crowd Hamtramck school board with more complaints over books
“‘Sex-ed is one subject. Nasty p*rnographic material that’s right here is another subject,’ said another man.”

Iranian author cancels tour over death threats.
Reza Aslan on Tehrangeles, Revolution and the Death Threats That Sidelined his Book Tour
“’When you look at the 20th century history of Iran, it is essentially all about foreign interference,’ notes Aslan. So when the Iranian government attributes legitimate demonstrations to outside influences, it might be an obvious lie — but it’s a plausible one.”

If you believe that you have freedom of speech – think again.
Getting Arrested for Making Jokes on Facebook isn’t Funny.
“They slapped on body armor (but conveniently left their body cams at the office), tracked Waylon down to the garage he was converting into a COVID gym and came at him with guns drawn.”

Authors in Scotland are being told they cannot offend anyone.
The Scottish Book Trust has Given up on Free Speech
“Most authors manage to do readings without committing criminal offences or causing members of the audience to run screaming from the room. But this isn’t about that…”

Watch what you say on social media.
Texas Tech student files $40 Million Lawsuit Against Houston Lawyer, Claims Libel for Tweet
“The lawsuit claimed Crump defamed Quackenbush in a Twitter post Tuesday morning where he said she committed ‘cold-blooded murder.’”

Or, maybe you CAN say whatever you want about someone on social media…
Judge dismisses author’s libel suit against critic
“Daley’s attorneys said Hayward sent ‘creepy and harassing sexual messages to numerous women online,’ then later apologized for doing so.”


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