How much is the fine when you return a library book 75 years late? – In The News – 09/02/2022

How much is the fine when you return a library book 75 years late? – In The News – 09/02/2022

Better late than never.
New Jersey man returns borrowed book to his public library 75 years late
“The big question: What sort of late fee was required for a book that was 75 years overdue?”

Harry Potter Author Threatened
‘You’re next’: JK Rowling receives death threat after showing support for Salman Rushdie
“He has previously made ‘jokes’ about destroying Israel and called India a ‘terrorist state,’”

So, is the U. of Oregon saying we are NOT all created equal???
‘All Men Are Created Equal:’ Prof Sues U. of Oregon for Blocking Him over Declaration of Independence Quote
“The First Amendment does not allow the government or its actors to ban individuals from public forums just because they disagree with the views those individuals express,”

Are they going to determine that the Bible is vulgar?
Texas school district removes the Bible, ‘All Boys Aren’t Blue’ from library shelves for content review
“Previously, a committee considered the challenges and determined if the books were ‘educationally suitable or pervasively vulgar.'”

It was pretty obvious that his intent was to kill the author.
Salman Rushdie attacker praises Iran’s ayatollah, surprised author survived: jailhouse interview
“Matar said he’d worked at a Marshalls in Edgewater in the fall for two months, but spent most of his time in his mom’s basement ‘using the internet, playing video games, watching Netflix, stuff like that.’”

No free speech in Saudi Arabia
Female Saudi activist gets record 34 years in prison for critical tweets
“Shehab was accused of using a social media website ‘to disrupt public order, undermine the security of society and stability of the state, and support those who had committed criminal actions according to the counterterrorism law and its financing.'”

Still trying to kill a classic.
The Failed Campaign To Kill To Kill a Mockingbird
“But not every book is supposed to be comfortable, and sometimes people have to leave their comfort zone to learn about important topics.”

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