Well-known Author Wanted for Questioning in Murder – In The News – 07/21/2022

Well-known Author Wanted for Questioning in Murder – In The News – 07/21/2022

Are these reporters stupid?
Saudi Security ‘Grabbed’ NBC’s Peter Alexander as He Shouted To MBS About Apologizing for Khashoggi Murder
“MBS smirked/smiled when Peter Alexander shouted his question on Jamal Khashoggi.”

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ author Delia Owens wanted for questioning in murder
“Authorities believe that Owens and her then-husband, Mark Owens, could be accomplices, who helped cover up the murder, and may have been involved in other crimes…”

Rocky’s still fighting.
Sylvester Stallone Goes After “Rocky” Producer 47 Years Later, Demands Rights Returned in Angry Post
“Winkler produced all the Rocky movies with Stallone, including three ‘Creed’ movies…”

It’s about time SOME journalist figures it out.
MSNBC’s Katy Tur wonders if she’s doing ‘more harm than good’ as a journalist: ‘People don’t trust us’
“In an interview promoting her new memoir, Tur was asked by The Hill’s Niall Stanage about admitting that she almost walked away from journalism altogether during the COVID-19 pandemic and how she feels about the industry overall.”

Are they not smart enough to protect their accounts??
Journalists being targeted in ‘sustained effort’ by nation-state hackers, researchers say
“While some targeted journalists merely for painting their countries in a poor light, others timed their attacks around major political events in the U.S.”

We’ve been pointing this out for years.
New internal documents show tech giants pushing out competitors
“The documents bolster the committee’s claims that the internet giants illegally favor their own products, a practice that pending legislation to update antitrust laws would make more difficult.”


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