Why Does the Mainstream Media “Bury” the Race of Some Murderers? – In The News – 04/15/2022

Why Does the Mainstream Media “Bury” the Race of Some Murderers? – In The News – 04/15/2022

LinkedIn attempted censorship?
LinkedIn reinstates Air Force vet’s post after wrongfully calling it ‘hate speech,’ apologizes
The post “goes against our policy on hate speech,” LinkedIn told Smith, according to a screenshot she shared.

Going off the rails.
NJ man gets 375 years for killing spree of woman, 2 children over Facebook post
“Authorities said Arrington was apparently angry that one of the victims had reposted a Facebook alert from police naming him as a suspect in an earlier shooting and sexual assault.”

This from a “woke” journalist?
Left-wing writer claims he confronted journalist Andy Ngo, but Ngo says it was another Asian man
“The story began with this tweet from Thor Benson on April 8: ‘I just ran into Andy Ngo at a bar in New Orleans. I politely told him he’s a ‘garbage person.’ Lol.'”

Don’t believe HALF of what you read on Twitter.
Researchers: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots
“When we see a whole bunch of tweets at the same time or back to back, it’s like they’re timed,” Carley said. “We also look for use of the same exact hashtag, or messaging that appears to be copied and pasted from one bot to the next.”

Another investigation into Amazon
SEC launches Investigation Into How Amazon Uses Data from Third-Party Sellers Against Them
“In April 2020, an investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that Amazon’s employees regularly used individual third-party-seller data to develop products for Amazon’s in-house brands.”

More people need to stand against this type of racism in schools.
Virginia parent fighting ‘race-based’ admissions policy wins legal battle as case heads to Supreme Court
“What makes this case unique is that criminal charges were brought to suppress free speech — criminal charges, as opposed to a civil lawsuit.”

Mainstream media IS racist – just not the way you’d think.
Yes, the Media Bury the Race of Murderers—If They’re Not White
“These editorial choices are part and parcel with the ‘racial reckoning’ that swept newsrooms in the wake of Floyd’s murder, which saw journalists dramatically overhauling crime coverage to emphasize the view that the criminal justice system is racist at the root—perhaps at the expense of honesty about individual offenders’ crimes.”

Amazon sticks it to sellers once again.
Bidenflation: Amazon Smacks Third-Party Sellers with ‘Fuel and Inflation Surcharge’
“Amazon is not the only company to charge a fuel surcharge on its services, FedEx changes a surcharge of 49 cents per unit while UP charges 42 cents. In comparison, Amazon’s surcharge will work out at around 24 cents.”









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