Lawmaker Wants to Fine Bloggers $2,500 PER POST if They Fail to Register with the State – In The News – 03/10/2023

Lawmaker Wants to Fine Bloggers $2,500 PER POST if They Fail to Register with the State – In The News – 03/10/2023

This sounds ridiculous. We’d love to hear from any journalists about whether they have ever had to “register” with any government entity to do their job…
Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state
“Failure to file these disclosures or register with state officials, if the bill passes, would lead to daily fines for the bloggers, with a maximum amount per report, not per writer, of $2,500.”

We’ve known all along that “disinformation” was simply a dog-whistle for “censorship.”
DHS agency appears to be ‘burying’ evidence of involvement with ‘domestic censorship activities’: expert
“Now it appears the agency may be concealing its efforts to monitor domestic content posted by regular Americans and focusing exclusively on its campaign to combat foreign actors in what some observers say is a move designed to hide government overreach,”

Another author’s books edited without his permission.
R.L. Stine Refutes Report, Accuses Publisher of Editing ‘Goosebumps’ Books for Offensive Material Without His Involvement
“Scholastic defended the edits saying they made them to “keep the language current and avoid imagery that could negatively impact a young person’s view of themselves”

Finally! A governor with the cajones to call out p*rn in school libraries.
Gov. DeSantis calls out ‘explicit’ book found in Collier County schools
“Some of the stuff you saw up there, that is p*rnographic,” DeSantis said. ‘Why would we have that in a media center with 10-year-old students?”

In fact, p*rn so explicit, some couldn’t broadcast the live stream…
Local media cut feed on DeSantis’ ‘book ban hoax’ stream due to ‘explicit content’
“In addition to live feeds being cut, Twitter also marked video of the coverage as “potentially sensitive content.”

So, did he write his own book? If so, how did this get in??
Dr. David Agus accused of plagiarism, prompting book recall
“‘The Los Angeles Times reported Monday it found ‘at least’ 95 passages in the book that were not credited but resembled text that first appeared elsewhere. It said that, at times, the passages were word for word.”

More elite colleges banning ChatGPT
Cambridge University among elite universities to ban ChatGPT due to plagiarism fears
“Students must be the authors of their own work. Content produced by AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, does not represent the student’s own original work so would be considered a form of academic misconduct.”

Lawmakers focus more on attacking journalist than getting to the bottom of the “Twitter Files.” Demand he betray his sources.
‘Twitter Files’ hearing erupts as Matt Taibbi refuses to reveal sources in heated exchange with Democrat
“Several members spoke over each other angrily as Ranking Member Stacey Plaskett, D-Virgin islands, who had a similar exchange with Taibbi earlier, declared that if Taibbi wouldn’t comment on Musk, it must mean the Twitter owner was the source in question.”

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