Needs Audiobook Narrators Needs Audiobook Narrators only refers authors to the best of the best. We recently signed an exclusive contract from to offer audiobook narration services to its thousands of authors. Of course, we will be working with other publishers and individual authors as well. But, the business from BookLocker’s authors will be immediate and brisk once the announcement is made. They already have a waiting list of interested authors.

At, we only refer authors to real voice narrators. We do NOT provide, nor in any way endorse, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology because Amazon will not sell audiobooks created with synthetic voices.

Our website has not yet been advertised to the public. We are waiting until our list of Audiobook Narrators is complete.

However, you can still view more information here:



If you are an author or publisher interested in our services, you can CONTACT US to be put on our waiting list.