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Dirty Marketing

When someone boasts their book is a bestseller on, can you trust them? When someone brags that they've sold 10,000 copies in a month, are they being honest? When you type in a website URL and a competitors' pop-up ad appears on your computer screen, do you assume they're in business together? When someone says you're winner, are they trying to fool you into spending money? …

Writing to Help Others, Not to Make Money

I am adamantly against donating your time and writing to companies that seek to profit from your efforts while not sharing cash with you. However, if you are managing the distribution of your free work and it's for a good cause (and nobody's greedily profiting from your free work), then that's an entirely different scenario. …

When Your Customer Commits Fraud

Ordering something with no intention of paying for it is fraud, plain and simple. Unfortunately, there is a growing problem with this online that I want to make you aware of. The typical scenario is the customer orders a book, claims it's lousy, demands a refund, and threatens to report the author to the authorities if they don't comply. I recently received a letter from an ebook author who was the victim of one of these jerks. This week, I'm sharing her letter here along with my experience dealing with these types of criminals. …

Still On The Road

Angela is still on the road and her column will return next week. …

See You Next Week

Angela's column will return next week. …

Real Lawyers Weigh In on Phony Ones

I didn't realize that attorneys are the single most impersonated professionals! Of course, it is a crime to impersonate an attorney. I not only heard from others who were victims of phony lawyers, but I also heard from four, yes four real attorneys. I was thrilled! …

Is That Lawyer Who’s Threatening You…Really a Lawyer?

Is That Lawyer Who’s Threatening You…Really a Lawyer?

A year or so ago, I was contacted by an attorney representing a firm that is listed in the Whispers and Warnings section of He said he would sue us if we didn't remove the complaints about his firm from our website. His emails were quite menacing in fact that we became suspicious. Aren't attorneys schooled in the art of subtle manipulation and vague threats? Aren't they trained to keep their cool at all times in order to prevail as the more intelligent animal in any debate? …

Don’t Miss This Great Job Board!

This week, I want to bring your attention to a stellar publisher who, despite his popularity and fame, always makes times for his readers and for other publishers and editors as well. …

When Editors Get Lazy

I think it's pathetic that some of the major freelance writing sites are too lazy to keep their boards clean and keep the information on their sites accurate... …

Six Prestigious Places to Get Your Book Reviewed

In Angela's blog this week you'll find book review submission information for Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Midwest Book Review, Los Angeles Times Book Review and Hollywood Inside Syndicate. See Angela's writing blog HERE. …

Want to Get Your Press Release Published?

Personalize, Localize, Editorialize and Sensationalize! What makes a press release end up in print instead of in an editor's garbage can? Many marketers resort to pleading to get their products and service in the public eye for free via the press release. You, too, should offer PLEAS to editors, which means your press release should Personalize, Localize, Editorialize or Sensationalize... MORE >>

Frigid Weekends Great for Fiction!

It's going to be terribly cold here this weekend. The weather will be perfect curling up with my big pillows and reading some great fiction! MORE >>

Today’s Copyright Infringement Hall of Shame Inductee!

Well, we have another inductee for the Copyright Infringement Hall of Shame! We were recently alerted by a reader that some of our original, copyrighted market listings (which we create after interviews with each editor) were copied and pasted to "Calls for Submissions" - a discussion list on yahoogroups, without credit. Yep, blatantly copied and pasted without credit given to anyone! MORE >>

Don’t Compromise Your Happiness Or Morals For A Buck

Don’t Compromise Your Happiness Or Morals For A Buck

Despite a backache and my failed attempt to rid the bathroom of that endless pile of dirty laundry, I was actually in a pretty good mood this morning. I've been pretty cranky lately, which is the end result of dealing with too many jerks (rude people online), deadbeats (those publishers appearing in our Whispers and Warnings forum), and freaks (One guy keeps threatening to show up on our doorstep if we don't remove his warning. We had to get our attorney involved because we think he's a psychopath.). One of my New Year's Resolutions is to not let people get me down. I figure if I meditate enough and practice my new form of exercise, yoga, at least once a week or so (I have a phobia about exercising in front of other people), I will be able to be a calmer, more peaceful person. However, a fax I received this morning blew my New Year's Resolution right out of the water... MORE >>

When People Say Stupid Things in Emails

What's the golden rule about speaking out in anger? Count to 10 before you open your mouth. This is true in personal relationships as well as in business. When someone angers me, I not only count to 10 before I open my mouth, but I also count to 10 before I start replying to their email. I then put that email on hold for a day or so to give myself the chance to reread my comments when I'm in a calmer frame of mind. In the past week, I have received emails and copies of emails that contained extremely abusive comments... MORE >>

Perceived Value – Pricing Your Product and Services Too Low HURTS Your Business!

Putting a price on your book, article, or writing service is always difficult. If you price yourself too high, you risk losing sales. If you price yourself too low, you not only risk losing sales to people who assume your product or service is “cheap”, but you also may become the victim of a Cocky Client. If you’ve ever had a business relationship with someone who made it clear they were your superior, you’re no doubt familiar with the Cocky Client Clause... MORE >>

Query Letters That Worked!

Query Letters That Worked!

Every day at, we receive emails from writers requesting advice on how to write query letters and how to improve their existing query letters. While we…

Your Writing As a Loving (and Inexpensive!) Holiday Gift!

Well, on Saturday it will be November (already?!). And that means less than a month until the holiday season begins! While Walmart has had their Christmas trees up for awhile now (do they ever take them down?), I'm just now getting around to making my list. And each year (while balancing my checkbook), I try to think of ways to turn my creativity into homemade gifts. …

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