More World’s Worst Book Proposals

Today, I’m going to share another installment of our popular column, World’s Worst Book Proposals. Yes, we can learn from others’ mistakes! Featured below are real quotes from book proposals submitted to me over the past few months.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried… From the first page of the book –

I had the car, talked and talked without stopping his car in a folder while Nacho was preparing a cocaine stripes. The guy never stopped talking and look in the rearview mirror, saw the leering Beatrice’s friend Nacho and as he undressed with his eyes, trying to decipher whether Beatriz wearing thong panties or Nothing.

From the book proposal –

Don’t miss out on these valuable life lesson!”

When complimenting our company, this author wrote:

You are the vessel that channelises & encourages Self Publishing Autors.

Spell check was broken, perhaps?

He is well liked by all the Beverly Hills neglected housewifes.

Is the keyboard missing all the punctuation keys?

she is a drug addict her mother does not know that her daughters father is bring drugs in her house and is giveing them to mia

Needs more than spell check!

I need to up date and edat my book.

I’m speechless…

I am very excited and know that anyone who watches will loose all oxygen to breathe after laughing so histarically tell the end!

Um, what?!

I am a first time writter. As you all read my story. Please feel the calling I have on my life to take citys and transform nations to help others like myself.

This was the author’s response to my gentle rejection letter –

it doesn’t as u are obviously judgmental….ive published 3 books, lone with Knopf..and won several national award NEA etc /u are censoring books…its disturbing..i need to know the laws of what is now legal.

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