The Baby Gangs of Athens – by David Brennan

The Baby Gangs of Athens – by David Brennan

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Did you know that babies come into the world with abilities that adults are unaware of? The Baby Gangs of Athens peels back the curtain, and shows the lives of the babies who live in Athens and Athens County. We see the gangs with their alliances and rivalries that exist, especially the East Side and the West Side gangs in Athens. We watch with bated breath as they prepare for the big baby drag races held at the Athens County Fair.
Adults do not know that each baby gang works toward winning the baby drag race, and being proclaimed, ‘Athens County’s #1 Baby Gang’. Through rigorous training, each gang works toward putting the best team of babies into the big race. But, like adults, the babies use intrigue and tricks as they maneuver to gain the upper hand. We see Baby Ben, a member of the East Side gang, being accused of crimes against puppies and kittens. Horrors!
But Baby Ben, with the aid of his gang, and especially his friend Jewell, may yet prevail and goodness might win the day. The gangs get together in their clubhouses and on social media using such platforms as Babybook and Babieslist. We follow their training regimen and the history of baby gangs in Athens. In fact, we learn of other baby gangs throughout Ohio and beyond. In the end, the babies race before thousands of spectators at the Fair. As each race narrows the field, the excitement builds. Betting on the babies reaches a new record and the results of each heat reach viral proportions. Who will win the big prize of being the best baby drag racer and whose gang is proclaimed the best gang in Athens County?
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About the Author
David Brennan lives in Athens, Ohio where he spends his time gardening, playing music, and watching baby drag races on YouTube. At birth, he joined a gang on Chicago’s south side but soon transferred his gang allegiance to Lebanon, Kentucky where he is sure baby gangs there still remember him.



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