Using Eight People as Examples, Author Pens Self-Help Book for Those Suffering in the Hell of Alcoholism – by Cheryl Shoquist

Using Eight People as Examples, Author Pens Self-Help Book for Those Suffering in the Hell of Alcoholism – by Cheryl Shoquist

The word “Drunkenland” is the perfect definition of alcoholism. It symbolizes a psychological fantasy land in the mind of an alcoholic, which is what this book is about.

I became well aware of the seductive liquid of alcohol as a young adult while watching others imbibing. Alcohol had an incomprehensible Drunkenlandamount of power. It changed moods, and created hostile environments. It stirred illicit and criminal behavior. Its force could turn the biggest and strongest man either into a raging beast out of control, or bring him to his knees on the floor in tears.

As life led me down many paths and places, the one thing that seemed to be prevalent in the lives of so many people was alcohol. To find someone who didn’t drink, or didn’t know an alcoholic, was actually a challenge.

I had a looking glass into the world of alcoholic behavior and as I watched the whirlwind forces of alcohol in people’s lives. I noticed that the effects of alcohol were all the same, yet there were some variables and, with many, it caused a life dysfunction that some simply could not shake. It shadowed them every day, and permeated the intimate details of their life. Every event, whether real or conjured up in their alcohol brainwashed mind, was a reason to drink. There was nothing to stop them until disaster erupted to forever change their lives. The only problem is that it also changes the lives of those around the alcoholic.

Years of being the designated driver eventually frayed the last psychological fibers of my patience, understanding, and acceptance. I realized that a book must be written. I thought about it long and hard, in search of the right story line to reach people from all walks of life, and all stages of alcoholism, as well as the family and loved ones imprisoned and seeking freedom from the alcohol lifestyle.

Learning all that I did from watching the downward spirals of alcoholics, I became passionate to write Drunkenland as I believed that the world needed to know and read a book like this. Drunkenland has a difficult task ahead of it: To educate people, to rehabilitate them, and to heal them from this vicious disease.

Alcohol is a commodity, creating jobs, taxes, and many good things. I don’t dispute that. However, it is the addictive side, bearing its name of Drunkenland, that creates all of the life changing havoc.

Drunkenland is not a clinical book. I wrote this book from a psychological view point. Even though alcohol’s power to control is fierce, it has no power against some people. Soon, I discovered the Achilles heel. The decoy was emotional dysfunction. Alcohol’s powers of persuasion make you feel better, lifting your spirits to a place your sober self doesn’t go. Then, the mind imprisons the drinker, and dependency takes hold.

Drunkenland is the power and the corruption of Alcoholism. This book discusses eight people and how alcohol ran, controlled, and devastated their lives. Drunkenland also talks about resources, rehab, healing, and escape from alcohol’s wrath. It is a powerful book. The stories within can happen to even the best of people. If it can save one person, this book will have done its job.

Cheryl Shoquist wrote this book because she has known many alcoholics and their struggle with the up and down roller coaster ride of emotional and psychological destruction alcohol has caused them. In an effort to bring about understanding, and help to those struggling, she wrote this book.

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One Response to "Using Eight People as Examples, Author Pens Self-Help Book for Those Suffering in the Hell of Alcoholism – by Cheryl Shoquist"

  1. Wendy L Jones  January 18, 2020 at 12:31 am

    A very interesting backstory.

    I am one of those few who don’t drink because any alcohol tastes bloody awful.

    I went through university just at the close of the Vietnam war — when students were throwing kegs through dorm windows, and drunken orgies were considered ‘typical’ campus life.

    I started in a class of over 70+ students — I graduated in a group of 8. That should tell you what impact alcohol had on the lives of the students who drank at this university.

    Your book is well titled, indeed.