OUCH!! COMPLAINTS about Friesen Press / FriesenPress.com

OUCH!! COMPLAINTS about Friesen Press / FriesenPress.com

We compete directly with Friesen Press. And, while we reject many manuscripts each year, we would never refer an author to Friesen Press. 

Q –

Angela. Thought I’d share … and see what you think of these guys (Friesen Press). Their ad just showed up on my FB page but I thought you might like to know what one of the other guys are doing.

Cheers and thanks for all your hard work.


A –

I only did a few minutes of research, and found PLENTY of complaints about Friesen Press / FriesenPress.com online.


  • “I honestly wish I had found these complaints before I gave my heart and soul to this company last year to publish my children’s book.”
  • “I have recently had the same issues with Friesen as outlined in the complaints above. I am seriously considering legal action through the US Federal Court system and would appreciate hearing from anyone who found their practices deceptive and/or totally dishonest.”
  • “Had the worst experience as well with this company…”
  • “Shame on Freisenpress.”
  • “Four thumbs down.”
  • “My experience with Friesen Press was almost identical to what is being described in this article.”
  • “A couple of years ago I hired Friesen to assist me with the finishing end and distribution of my book. It was a huge mistake.”
  • “Friesen Press has the worst editing team…not in a level of grade 6.”
  • ” I would definitely not recommend this publisher.”
  • “Throughout their whole process they were totally incompetent especially the professional editor (who introduced so many errors that it took me 3 months to correct) and the professional designers who made a mess of the job.”


  • “I met my physician yesterday, because I was thinking to take legal action against FriesenPress, but the doctor suggested as I have high blood pressure, this type of action will not be good for me.”
  • “The same sort of unbelievable events happened over and over again.”
  • “Stay away from them and share this info.”
  • “After my experience of 3 months, checking online reviews, I found a host
    of complaints that were totally believable and wish I had read those before putting my money down.”


“Their base fee was $3000, and a edit I needed costed another $1000. These fees, on top of insurance for the book and other charges rounded up to a total bill of about $7000.”


“I have only received one of the two royalty checks I was supposed to get. The first check got to me late and the second one hasn’t appeared at all. I call and email the company and do not get responses. They claim to have reissued these checks to me several times, but they have no tracking number for them, and they have yet to reach me.”

The Alliance of Independent Authors gives Friesen Press a “MIXED” rating, saying, “their pricing and customer service still generate sporadic complaints.

From Reddit: “I ordered $600 of my books for a conference. Purolator never delivered them to my residence as I never received confirmation of an attempt. My books were damaged in transit according to Purolator. Friesen Press authorized the books destruction. Now Friesen Press will not send me new books or refund me my $600. I have two more books to publish …. Not using Friesen Press again.”


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