Use Snapchat to Sell Your Book(s) or Writing Services to Millennials! by Joan Selby

Use Snapchat to Sell Your Book(s) or Writing Services to Millennials! by Joan Selby

The millennial generation has famously been dubbed as the “Selfie” generation. While some
have contested this claim, it can’t be denied that Gen Y is fond of selfies on social media. Among
the most used apps to share their love of pictures is the widely popular Snapchat.

For writers who want to better understand this new generation of audiences, gaining online
exposure is the best way to attract and reach their attention. And what better way to start than
to access popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and – Snapchat?

On record, out of 200 million active members, Snapchat users take 400 million snaps a day. 76%
of these Snapchat users are millennials, 45% of the most active being those in the age group
between 18 to 25 years old.

Here’s how you can leverage this widely popular app and attract more millennials:

1. Don’t Rely on Just the App

It may sound counterintuitive, but you can’t depend on Snapchat alone. Promote yourself and
your account through other social platforms. This will increase your activity not only on
Snapchat itself, but also on other channels like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Give Promos

Out of the 77% of college students who use Snapchat, more than half are willing to use coupons
on social networks. This is a great opportunity for writers to promote content through exclusive
discount codes. Do this with your books, paid webinars, training sessions, or even exclusive services and works for a
limited and loyal audience.

3. Don’t Give Everything Away

Pique your audience’s interest by building some suspense before the big reveal. Create a sense
of urgency among your followers by teasing them with a few short updates. Make sure not to
give everything away at once. Since snaps get deleted after a certain period of time, make sure
people tune into your account with teasers like a cover of your latest book, or an interesting

4. Show Your Personal Side

People get interested in relatable personalities. This is especially true for young people, who are
often adventure seekers. Give them a glimpse of the person behind the book. Offer a behind-
the-scenes into the private aspects of your life that you’re comfortable sharing with the public
– this can be your favorite writing spots, creative processes, or inspiring people.

5. Build a Narrative

People in general get suspicious of blatant advertising. To get past this roadblock, try building a
narrative whenever you promote yourself on social media. For Snapchat, the “My Story” feature
allows you to add multiple snaps on your profile. Using this can let you build an interesting
narrative that your followers can relate to and understand better.

6. Interact with the Crowd

Engagement is essential in maintaining audience interest. By getting your own Snapchat
account, you can actively reply, like, or just follow and interact with fellow online users. User
experience is one of the most valuable sources of your time. According to dissertation service
EduGeeksClub, there are various ways to boost a customer’s user experience. On social media,
this can mean making your profile as accessible and interesting as possible.

The Takeaway: Be where your target audience is

Don’t be afraid to connect with your young followers. Like any social media platform, Snapchat
is one of the best ways to engage with and pique people’s interests. Get in on the latest social
media trends and understand how to sell your book, writing services, or other products to millennials today!

Joan Selby is a content marketer and blogger, former ESL teacher and fancy shoe lover. She’s a writer
by day and reader by night. Find her on Twitter ( and Facebook (


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