Should I Forego My Own Website And Use Only Facebook For Promotion? No!

Should I Forego My Own Website And Use Only Facebook For Promotion? No!

Q –

Hi Ang,

I’m reading the outstanding book, 90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE. In your book, you strongly recommend authors create a website to promote their works. In the days of social media being so popular, is it possible to trade a website for a Facebook page? I plan to create a Facebook page to promote my novel, provide links where readers can purchase the book, offer updates, and chat with the author (me). I also plan to create Facebook pages for a few of my novel’s characters for readers to interact with as well.

What are your thoughts?


A – 

No, I never recommend giving complete power of your web presence to another company (like Facebook). Your ads for your book should be on our own website and your mentions of it (on Facebook and other sites) should point to your own site, where you can collect email addresses of fans for your newsletter or blog, etc. Doing that also gives you the power to change the links where readers can buy your books anytime you want. For example, what if Amazon suddenly stopped selling your book? You could quickly change all your website’s marketing links to What if you land a traditional publishing contract someday, and wish to point your website visitors to the new edition of your book? Having one central place, owned by you (your own website), makes this much easier.

I do think it’s a super idea to create a Facebook page for your book, and separate ones for your characters.

Always remember that Facebook, Twitter, or any site not owned by you can shut down your page(s) at any time, and for any reason. That’s why you should never give them complete control of your online marketing presence.

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