Facebook, Twitter…or a Blog?

Hi Angela,

I want to have a site where people can find out about the book and post comments. I’ve been trying to make a Facebook fan page and can’t figure it out, I looked at Twitter and don’t think that is what I want either. I really don’t want to build a website. Do you have any suggestions of where I can have readers go to post comments that can be seen by anyone?


Facebook is great because your fans will be alerted whenever you post. Try this:

In Facebook, click Account (top, right-hand corner), then click Help Center.

Then, click Groups and then Creating and Running a Group.

Or, you can create a blog at a site like this:

I also don’t like Twitter. It’s far too limiting and almost all the “tweets” I receive are promotional in nature (spam).

I konw you said you don’t want to build your own website but creating one these days is almost as easy as joining one of those free blog sites. Owning your own domain gives you 100% control over it. If you spend time setting up your site on somebody else’s online real estate, you are giving up far too much control. To see why this is so important, click HERE.