Watch Out For This Scam Targeting Writers!

How often have you seen this statement? “All submissions become the property of XYZ Company?”

What if you saw that while you were applying for a freelance (or full-time) writing job? If you do, be very wary.

You’ve probably seen those ads online where they ask you to rewrite part of the company’s website or other materials so they can use that to judge your writing skills. They then claim they’ll pick their desired candidate based on the submissions. They then own all rights to what you submit and can do with it as they choose, even if you aren’t hired. And, heck no, you don’t get paid, because you’re applying for a position! Hmmm… Do you smell something funny? I do!

While surfing the job sites each week, looking for freelance jobs for, I frequently see these types of questionable ads. And, I’ve received many complaints over the years from writers who have done the work, seen their work posted on a company’s website, and then realize they probably never hired anyone but just used the submissions as free labor for the work they needed done. They just sucker a bunch of writers into doing free work for them.

Taking a copywriting test is one thing. But, doing real work that a company claims rights to under the premise of it being a test of your skills means you’re probably being ripped off.

Don’t fall for this increasingly common scam. If you think you’ve been had by one of these jokers, you should post an inquiry about them to the WritersWeekly Whispers and Warning Forum.