Turn Your Hobby Into a How-To Book By Angela Hoy

Turn Your Hobby Into a How-To Book By Angela Hoy

Last year, while perusing ebay.com for antique dolls (one of my hobbies), I stumbled upon a category of dolls I’d never seen before. They’re called reborns. Reborn dolls are regular baby dolls that have been seemingly transformed into living, breathing, adorable infants that nobody can resist!

I couldn’t believe how real they looked and I wanted a reborn doll of my very own! The problem was, the really beautiful ones are several hundred dollars on ebay. I couldn’t spend that much money on a doll, so I was determined to learn how to reborn a doll on my own. I enlisted the help of our daughter, Ali, who has far greater artistic talent than I. We did extensive research online and, after much trial and error, discovered some shortcuts and tricks that make it possible to create one of these adorable babies in only one day.

I was thrilled with the results of our first reborn. We named her Baby Isabel. When we put Baby Isabel on display in an antique cradle in my living room, friends who dropped by tiptoed in her direction, asking me who that gorgeous sleeping baby was!

The demand for beautiful reborn dolls is high and it was obvious that many women like me wanted these reborns, but couldn’t afford to pay that much for a doll. So, using the secrets we discovered, I wrote a book on how to reborn a doll in a day. The book is fully illustrated with more than 40 color photographs and step-by-step instructions. I had a lot of fun not only creating the reborn dolls, but also with the photography (my daughter, Ali, helped) and especially the layout of the book. I’ll let you know how sales are doing in future issues of WritersWeekly.com. You, too, may want to turn one of your hobbies into a book! It’s fun and easy!

You can see photos of some of our reborn babies at: https://www.booklocker.com/dolls

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