Radio Interviews = Poor Book Sales for Authors? By Angela Hoy

In last week’s missive, I discussed disappointing book sales resulting from authors appearing as guests on radio shows. I inquired if readers have had similar or different experiences and asked you to to share your experiences. All but one of you reported poor book sales. The one positive email I received wasn’t actually sent by the author himself, but by the radio host who interviewed him. However, some of you did report other good things that resulted from your radio interviews. Here’s what you said:

Hello Angela,

Enjoyed your article Can Radio Interviews Still Sell Books?

I have been interviewed on five radio shows and although my book is selling well, I can not attribute any sales to these radio interviews. You hear and read a great deal about how important it is to get radio interviews to increase your book sales. Until I read your article, I was wonder what I was doing wrong. Given your welcome advice, I will cut back on my efforts to get radio interviews – if they approach me great – and focus my energies to online promotion activities such as articles and blogs.

Many thanks,

Roger Ellerton
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