ONLINE BOOK MARKETING THAT WORKS – Part VII: Subtly Promoting Your Book on Other People’s Blogs

During Week I, we talked about sad assumptions and irrational expectations new authors usually have about book sales. We then discussed the dire need for an author to have his OWN website (not a URL controlled by someone else!) and a periodical (ezine/blog) to market their book.

During Week II, we discussed how important it is to offer a free excerpt of your book. We also shared URLs to “free article” websites where you can post your excerpt as an “article.”

During Week III, we talked about posting your free book excerpt on, a free service for everyone, including book lovers. Authors can post excerpts and readers can discuss them.

During Week IV, we cozied up to websites that have a good Google ranking.

During Week V, we asked websites, ezines, blogs and magazines to publish an excerpt from our book.

Last Week, we subtly marketed our book to online discussion groups.

This week, we’re going to subtly promote our book(s) on other people’s blogs.

In case you’re a newbie, a blog is a regularly-updated personal journal that is posted online. Special software enables bloggers to post their comments instantly online. No HTML! Yea! Blogs have exploded in recent years because they make publishing online so easy and because they are usually of a more personal nature than professional websites. Blogs seem to attract the voyeur in all of us.

This article may seem long but you have tons of real estate to cover when promoting your book through comments boxes on blogs.

Finding the blogs is very easy. At the very end of most blogs, you can see a box where readers can instantly post comments. Some require you to login but many allow anonymous posts (meaning you don’t have to get an account through that particular service/blog to post a comment). Some blogs are moderated. If your comment doesn’t appear instantly, it will after/if the blog owner reviews and approves it.

I’ve sold several copies of my book, DON’T CUT ME AGAIN! True Stories About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), by simply posting comments to blogs that are discussing VBACs.

When I find a blog post that may be attracting my book’s target audience, I read the post and then post my own comment. I don’t do any hard selling at all as doing so may be considered offensive (spam). I give my opinions and experiences (and I really enjoy doing that!) and then I sign my name like this:

Angela Hoy
Author, DON’T CUT ME AGAIN! True Stories About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

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