Get Rich Giving Away Free Ebooks? Oh, Come ON!!! By Angela Hoy

I received the following question by email this week:

A question you may want to consider answering is this. The hype is good, the sales zeal is good. I am referring you to the link below:

Is this truly a way to make money legally? And, how, pray tell, do you honesty make money just by offering a “free e-book” for downloading, and where in the world does the money per download come in?

After receiving this email, I googled the URL and found a couple of posts from people who pointed out the obvious. If this guy is teaching people how to get rich giving away free ebooks, why is his ebook $67? I couldn’t find any free ebooks on his website. That’s a huge red flag!

I then found a discussion about this book here:

You should read the entire discussion because the author does send in a post in his own defense.

I suspected his book taught others how to publish books full of affiliate links or ads. I was going to email him to ask for more information, but I couldn’t find any email link on his website. I was going to buy the book to see how the program works, but I didn’t have to because a gentleman posting at the link above already did.

The person who claims to have read the book (and then asked for, and received, a refund) says it discusses Google adwords. He also talks about advertisers paying someone for each download of their free ebook. So, I guess one part of the system is to find advertisers to pay you for each download in exchange for you running their ad in your free ebook. I can’t imagine making “easy money” finding many, if any, companies interested in doing that. Anyone who’s ever sold advertising knows it’s not easy to sell ad space in an unproven publication with zero subscribers!

One person shows in up the discussion to praise the program (and gives more vague details about how it works), but “she” joined on the same day she posted and then never answered questions posted by others…never came back at all. Hmmm…

The website in question is incredibly insulting to anyone with even an elementary education.

It says things like, “In fact, you’re going to make so much money, your banker is going to rush out of his office to fawn all over you each and every time you go to the bank to make yet another deposit!”

Ha ha! I had to read this one out loud here so everybody, including our children, could have a good laugh. I’m sure most of you are chuckling, too!

It is my opinion that any website that is written in this over-hyped, too-good-to-be-true verbiage should be avoided. All those get rich quick websites seem to work from the same template!

As with any legitimate business, if you want to make money, you have to work hard and deliver a quality product or service. Almost nothing in life is free or as easy as those “get rich” people make it sound!

If the owner of that website wants to send me a review copy, I’ll be very happy to read the entire ebook and to correct any of my assumptions above. If it really is a good deal, I’ll certainly let you all know! But, something tells me I’ll never hear from him. (Yeah, I’m trying to bait him into responding!) He can reach me at angela – at –…if he’s interested.