Is Coco Afraid of Spring Storms?

It’s pouring right now and it’s been pouring for hours. The pool is quickly filling up. By this time tomorrow, it’ll be overflowing…

Sending A Book To Large Institutions That I Plan To Pitch

What are your thoughts on sending a book to large institutions that I plan to pitch to? For example, I am going to pitch to colleges to include my book as recommended reading for psychology/sociology programs.

Want To Turn ON Your Muse? Turn OFF The Internet! By Diane Stark

Recently, my home Internet service was out for three days. When my teenage children awoke and discovered this travesty of justice, they joked that they may as well go back to bed. I wasn’t happy about it, either. After all, I’m a writer, and I need the Internet to work…

The Spring, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest is THIS WEEKEND!

I usually try to take Sundays off but this weekend we’ll be hosting the WritersWeekly Spring, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest. IT STARTS SATURDAY!
If you want to sign up, don’t delay! Only 500 entrants permitted per contest. You must sign up BEFORE start-time to participate.
TO ENTER, go here.
In other “home office” news…

More World’s Worst Book Proposals And Query Letters!

Hi, Angie.
This one really got me:
“I seek publisher for the attached article expressing possible disadvantages of the theory or concept of feminism.”
On top of everything else, does he not realize that you, a female business person, are the publisher? The sheer lunacy of these things is jaw-dropping. Just when I think I’ve seen it all or heard it all, I find out the abyss goes even deeper.
Keep ’em coming.

Rock Your Book Talk! Do’s, Don’ts And Tips By Susan Sundwall

Rock Your Book Talk! Do’s, Don’ts And Tips By Susan Sundwall

These days writers must sell themselves, it’s a given. We’ve got to look for and latch onto any opportunity to self promote. Book talks are an excellent way to do it. Senior citizen groups, local service clubs, libraries, schools, and writers groups all have a frequent need for speakers and we must serve – if we want to sell, that is. Of course the first step is informing everyone by phone call, letter or email of your availability to speak. Then, as the dates pile up, you’ll need a plan…

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