Sending A Book To Large Institutions That I Plan To Pitch

Hi Angela,

What are your thoughts on sending a book to large institutions that I plan to pitch to? For example, I am going to pitch to colleges to include my book as recommended reading for psychology/sociology programs.

Thanks for your help!


If you are going to send out free copies, you should first email the potential buyers to see if they’re interested in receiving a free review copy. That will save you from wasting money on copies that will just be used to line a professor’s bookshelf (yes, some of them do that). Some people even request free copies just so they can resell them on Amazon.

If they do request a copy, enclose a personal note on your personal letterhead reminding them of your conversation, introducing the book (selling it), etc. Remember that press kits are boring and often end up in the trash.

Be personal and try to make a connection with the person who requested your book. Set yourself apart from all the other authors who are also trying to get their books added to the curriculum materials or recommended reading list.

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