The Spring, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest is THIS WEEKEND!

I usually try to take Sundays off but this weekend we’ll be hosting the WritersWeekly Spring, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest. IT STARTS SATURDAY!

If you want to sign up, don’t delay! Only 500 entrants permitted per contest. You must sign up BEFORE start-time to participate.

TO ENTER, go here.

In other “home office” news…

About a year and a half ago, one of our neighbors moved. Since they were moving to a house that wasn’t on the water, and since they didn’t have a trailer, they asked if they could store their Jet Ski here for a few weeks. We said, “Sure, as long as the keys are in it!” They agreed.

The Jet Ski was towed over by another neighbor. Yes, towed. Hmmm… It didn’t run. We put it on our lift and hoisted it onto our concrete dock. “A few weeks” turned into a year and a half. Recently, another neighbor expressed an interested in the Jet Ski. He admitted he wasn’t a good negotiator, and asked me to help him get a good price on the Jet Ski. Within half an hour, he was the proud new owner of the Jet Ski (only $750!). We put it back on the lift, walked from our dock to his (from the shore), put it on his lift, and, ta da! No more orphan Jet Ski marring our back yard!

Turns out it only needs some minor work. The neighbor offered me a broker’s fee but I said, “I just want to ride the darned thing when you get it running.”

Yesterday, the tide started rising very high because of an incoming front. I noticed the Jet Ski was dangerously close to being once again in the water. I had Richard call the neighbor to remind him to tie the Jet Ski up as well. Another neighbor had a run-away boat not long ago when he just used his lift but no lines. We found it bobbing by our dock one evening and tied it up before it washed into the Gulf of Mexico.


Mason creeped me out the other night when, at bedtime, he whispered to his stuffed rabbit, “You need to ascend from the darkness.”

Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of, the President and CEO of and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.




Angela is the creator of the Original 24-Hour Short Story Contest!