Mischievous Mason

Only a month ago, I told you about Mason (age 4) logging into ebay.com and buying stuffed animals for himself. Just last week, I told you about Mason terrifying us when he hid under the kitchen table, resulting in a phone call to 9-1-1. I probably should have given birth to this one when I was MUCH YOUNGER!
Anyway, Mason doesn’t yet *appear* to understand the concept of money, or buying, or anything like that. However, I think he may be practicing selective comprehension because he definitely does understand which buttons he needs to push on an iPad or iPhone with the end result being the mailman delivering a box to him…

POD SECRETS REVEALED: “Free” POD Services Can Be Very Expensive!

Tempted to sign up with one of those POD publishers that are claiming to be FREE? Think again! If you’re a graphic designer and you can layout your book on your own, and if you can create a professional and original book cover on your own, too, and if you want to severely limit your book’s availability (and salability), that’s one thing. But, if you want to get your book published for “free”, in some cases you can forget about having an ISBN (which online and brick and mortar bookstores and libraries require), forget about being distributed by Ingram, the largest book distributor, and forget about a lot of other things as well…

Why Aren’t Traditional Publishers Interested in My Book?

I have written to several (well, a lot, to be honest) publishers and agents about my self-published books, and the response is always the same; interesting, but not for me …
I was under the impression that self-publishing would prove beneficial in approaching a traditional publisher if the story was intact.

Never Stop Promoting Your Book – Even Five Years After Publication By Marion Cuba

When I first published my historical novel, SHANGHAI LEGACY I promoted it full steam ahead. I garnered reviews from small-town papers (including my home town, which gave a huge article with pictures) and from authors writing on similar subjects. I hosted book clubs; spoke at venues around the country; and at libraries and bookstores here in New York City. I sold a few thousand copies, which is very good, I’m told, for a self-published book.
Then I eased up my efforts and focused on writing my next book…

Mason’s Vanishing Act

Last Friday, it was 60 degrees here in Bangor, Maine, the warmest day we’ve had in four or five months. Despite the mud, all the kids went outside to play, including our adult kiddos. I was working in the living room on my laptop, and getting quite a bit done due to the quiet, when Max (age 9) ran in and said, “Is Mason in here?”
“WHAT?!” I squawked. “NO! WHERE IS HE?!”
Max said, “We don’t know!”…

Websites That Promote Slave Labor?

Hi Angela,
I’ve been doing a slow burn and thought I’d share it with you. I recently joined a website that’s intended to be an outsourcing website for writers, web designers, programmers, etc. Freelancers place bids on projects: I think you probably know where this is heading!
Their straplines say it all! check this out:

The world’s largest outsourcing marketplace!
How would your business change if you had virtually unlimited labor at next to no cost?

I kid you not! Their writing projects essentially pay less than pennies each for articles. Businesses expect to get quality writers of, let’s say for example, a batch of 700-word articles for payments of $8 per article. And many are even worse than this. Needless to say, I’m unsubscribing from their website!
I wish there was some way to put these guys out of business!! They really make me see red.
Thanks for letting me vent!
Warm regards,

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