Mischievous Mason

Only a month ago, I told you about Mason (age 4) logging into ebay.com and buying stuffed animals for himself. Just last week, I told you about Mason terrifying us when he hid under the kitchen table, resulting in a phone call to 9-1-1. I probably should have given birth to this one when I was MUCH YOUNGER!

Anyway, Mason doesn’t yet *appear* to understand the concept of money, or buying, or anything like that. However, I think he may be practicing selective comprehension because he definitely does understand which buttons he needs to push on an iPad or iPhone with the end result being the mailman delivering a box to him.

While I disabled the ebay app on my iPad after Mason ordered stuffed animals to be delivered to him here, I didn’t think I needed to worry about the iBookstore app. Mason does have several children’s books to “read” on my iPad and, last weekend, Mason was thrilled to discover that Apple had added 21 Thomas the Tank Engine ebooks to their store! I bought one for Mason, and only one, because the ebooks are priced the same as the print books and he owns almost all of the print books already anyway.

I read the new Thomas book to Mason at bedtime, and then let him hold the iPad so he could “flip” back through the pages a few times. The next morning, I found a receipt from Apple in my email inbox…for $24! You see, when I left the room to brush my teeth the previous evening, Mason purchased and downloaded six more Thomas the Tank Engine ebooks! Ug!!!

This Week’s Masonism:

Mason was sitting next to me the other day, watching TV while I was working on my laptop. I smelled something funny and asked, “Mason, did you toot?”

With a straight face, he replied, “No. I farted.”

Hugs to all



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