Man Can’t Live On Bread Alone…Unless He Eats Here

Before we knew it, I had three humongous piles of bread dough on the table. We had to remove all but one shelf in the oven because the dough was rising so high. It was actually fun…albeit a bit scary (how big will it grow?!).

Letters To The Editor For February 22nd

This Week:

  • Cheeseball Bottom Feeders
  • Convicted Felons Need Not Apply
  • Red Flag Phrases To Avoid In Freelance Help Wanted Ads
  • Cash in on Newsletter Writing

Blogging For Profit…Hopefully YOUR Profit By Richard Hoy

Blogging for profit might be the newest chapter in the book of business models for writers, but phrases like “very part time basis”, “exposure”, and “split the ad revenue” tell the same old story. They are sugar-coated ways of saying “come work for free.”

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing By James Richardson

Some say that the three most important aspects of starting a retail business are location…location…location. By the same token, a successful author might adhere to the same concept with, marketing…marketing…marketing!

Online Dating for 4-Year-Olds!

We recently taught Max (age 4) how to use the TIVO controller so he can now rewind and replay his favorite parts of Blues Clues over and over again. However, today, I kept hearing the same dialogue from the television in the other room. I investigated and discovered that Max was watching an dating service commercial over…and over…and over again (sigh…).

Convicted Felons Need Not Apply By Angela Hoy

Convicted Felons Need Not Apply By Angela Hoy

Forgive me while I step up onto my soapbox today. I am SO tired (whine!) of receiving book manuscripts from convicted felons who have written books about the government conspiracies waged against them…

Red Flag Phrases To Avoid In Freelance Help Wanted Ads By Angela Hoy

Last week, I received two letters from readers complimenting us on only running quality job ads. While I do occasionally screw up and get “had” by a bad one, I try very hard each week to avoid the questionable/seedy ads, and only run ads that are for real companies that pay writers real money.
I admit I get pretty upset when I see my writing website colleagues running ads that are obviously questionable or unethical, if not downright scams (pay per click, term paper mills, etc.) and, unfortunately, when I write to them to complain, they usually ignore my emails…

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