Convicted Felons Need Not Apply By Angela Hoy

Convicted Felons Need Not Apply By Angela Hoy

Forgive me while I step up onto my soapbox today. I am SO tired (whine!) of receiving book manuscripts from convicted felons who have written books about the government conspiracies waged against them.

The first, several years ago, was from the American citizen who is now hiding in Canada and could only correspond with us by mail. He sent numerous poorly-written letters to us. From what we could read (most of the letters weren’t even legible), it seems the U.S. government had tapped his phones, was reading his email, going through his paper mail, and had agents parked across the street from his home. We, of course, never responded to his letters.

Over the years, we’ve received manuscripts from people who seemed to be suffering from similar, um, problems, from the lady who claimed her husband was wrongly convicted of rape (his book was riddled with misspelled words and we doubt he had a 2nd grade education), to a man who actually pled guilty to federal charges, served his time, and is now claiming the government framed him.

While I know some people are wrongly imprisoned, I strongly doubt that most of the “innocent” conspiracy victims who have contacted us over the years are actually innocent.

These books all contain graphic details, names (and sometimes contact information) for witnesses as well as the district attorneys, judges and more, and accusations that can never be proven in court by a small publishing house like ours, especially since these felons have already been convicted. And, what publisher, large or small, wants to put themselves in the crosshairs of an angry judge, district attorney, or any arm of the government?

The gentleman who pled guilty above responded to my “we don’t work with convicted felons” rejection letter with a snotty missive comparing himself to Jesus, St. Paul, and Nelson Mandella (sic). My response was this:

“I also wouldn’t publish a book by someone who compares themselves to Jesus, St. Paul and Nelson Mandela. And, if you’re going to be
comparing yourself to Nelson Mandela, you should really learn how to spell
his name.”