Rain Breeds Wanderlust…

I think it’s rained every single day for the past two weeks here (sigh). Our seedlings are bursting out of their little starter pots but we still can’t plant them. The garden is flooded. Max is dying to play in the green grass…but it’s not only wet, it’s windy and cold, too. I’m begging Richard for a short reprieve…just a tiny RV trip before the official summer vacation begins.

First Book Singing a Success By Jeanne Prevett Sable

Attention all you editors: That is NOT a typo in the above headline. I did mean “singing,” not “signing.” But if it’s any consolation, the term “Book Singing” and the book marketing concept it represents did originate from a simple typographical error.

Quoting Bible Verses?

Is it considered plagiarism if you use bible verses from the bible while writing a children’s christian storybook?

I’m Not Afraid of Judgement or Rejection By Carolyn Rhodes

The old woman caught my eye one morning on my way to school. I was in the 8th grade and had just turned 13. She called to me from her porch rocking chair and startling me out of my morning daydream as she asked, “Penny for your thoughts?” I can still remember her little wrinkled face and thought she must have been 100 years old. I politely smiled, yet continued to walk faster. I wondered if she could read my mind.

Whispers and Warnings For May 25th

This Week:

The Berenstain Bears

When our three oldest children were little, I used to read to them at bedtime. Their favorite series was The Berenstain Bears. I think we owned the entire set at that time. Somehow, over the years, all but two of the books…

They Should Really Give People a License Before They… By Angela Hoy

They Should Really Give People a License Before They… By Angela Hoy

Last week, I was alerted by a Booklocker.com author who found a fr*e copy of his book on the Internet. It was posted on the foreign website of a CPA. I started composing a letter to the CPA, telling him he was violating copyright laws, etc. In the process, I started hunting around on his website for his contact information. And, hoo boy, did I find that and more! I found not only the copyrighted book, but also his workout schedule, a list of debts he owed to his girlfriend, music lyrics and what appeared to be actual music files, a bunch of tax forms, his resume, other meaningless stuff and, you’re not going to believe this one, a copy of his actual personal income tax return…

Dodging Writer’s Brick: How to Keep From Knocking Yourself Out By Janene Mascarella

Ah, good old writer’s block. Those moments of utter frustration, when you are stumped for ideas. Can’t write a ******* thing. If you tell a fellow writer that you are suffering from a case of writer’s block, chances are you will get your hand held. Sympathy follows. Then, tips galore on how to overcome your dreaded block. I rarely suffer from writer’s block. I suffer from something far more insidious. Something I call it “writer’s brick”.

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