Letters To The Editor For May 18th

Publisher’s Behavior…

Dear Angela,

With regards to Professional Jeweler, the behaviour of their editors indeed was shameful, and their arrogant posturing completely devoid of professionalism. As a marketing consultant and someone who specializes in writing for the jewelry industry, I can tell you that the market for advertising in trade magazines has not tanked. Not even close. That, of course, is the fib de jour that editors like Ms. Donahue tell writers when they don’t want to pay them. Your readers should know that jewelry writing often does pay very well and that many opportunities await them should they wish to try.

Best Wishes,

D.A. Blyler
The Marketing Department
Bangkok, Thailand

One More Thought On “How To Charge” For Projects

Hi Angela,

Re: Angela’s article, Writing for Others – What to Charge?

I’ve been a freelance writer with corporations, consultants and agencies for 8 years now. One of the most important clauses I learned (the hard way) to add to my estimates/contracts is a “cancellation clause” that essentially states that if the project is cancelled for any reason, the client is responsible for paying for all hours incurred up to the point of cancellation. It’s also important to keep a good log of hours against each project, in case a client asks for proof.

So enjoy the newletter!

Pam Lacey