Just Two Of The Dozens Of Emails We’ve Received…

Below are just two of the dozens of emails we received about Angela’s article last week:

Hi Angela

Still truly enjoying your newsletter. You’re making it look too easy…and that’s the sign of the absolute expert.

The CPA – wow. And, we think CPAs are incredibly scrupulous about details and discreet. The post-Enron picture we are getting of the Wonder-ful World of Accounting is truly amazing – they have a lot of people fooled. And actually it makes sense, because it started with someone saying, “Hey, I wonder if I could get those folks to pay me for counting their money”.

He should have paid you for saving him tons of grief. I bet he’s deeply in hock to the Nigerian former-big-wigs-who-have-millions-to-give-him. And, probably tells his clients about the once-in-a-lifetime offers he keeps getting through his FAX machine.

Life is amazing.



I read the article about the person putting his private information on the web for everyone to see. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean it was really fun. Also I felt sad for the girlfriend. Just another interesting tibit of your wonderful newsletter.


Larry Sells