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Paying Markets And Jobs For July 29th
published: July 29, 2015


ABILITY Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: Freelancers with "editing skills." Pays $17/hour.

Adventure Cyclist
CURRENT NEEDS: See guidelines. Pays $0.35-$0.65/word for up to 3500 words.

Antioch Review
CURRENT NEEDS: "As always, their best work." Pays $20 per published page.

CURRENT NEEDS: "Non-fiction, 1000-5000 words. Short essays, 100-1000 words=$150; 1000-2000 words=$250.00; 2000-3000 words=$300.00; 3000-4000 words=$350.00; 4000+ words=$400.00."


Freelance JOBS

Freelance (Paid) Journalism Intern - Pays $9/hour.

Freelance Grant Writer

Freelance Bloggers
Best Online Universities LLC

Freelance Real Estate Blogger - Pays $12/hour.
real estate brokerage

Freelance Personal Assistant - Pays $15-$25/hour

Freelance Science Writers
therapeutic nutrition startup

Freelance Bloggers - Pays $50/post
blog serving professional pharmacists

Freelance HR/Finance/Biz Admin Bloggers (3-5) - Pays $50/post.
blind ad

Freelance B2B Sales and Marketing Blogger - Pays $50/post.
blind ad

Freelancer - to monitor employee communication and productivity. Pays $600/week.
blind ad

Freelance Software/Cloud Bloggers - Pays $50/post.
software company

Freelance Contract Curricula Science Writer
American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

Freelance Marketing Writer - Pays $17-$25/hour or flat fee
blind ad

Freelance Google AdWords Marketing Writer - Pays $250/blog post; $350/article
Google AdWords management agency

Freelance LitART Curriculum Writer - Pays $15-$25/hour

Freelance Technology and Marketing Writer - for a white paper

Freelance Ghostblogger - User Experience Design Expert / UX Design Expert
blind ad

Freelance Descriptive Video (DV) Writer
provide of DV videos

Freelance Comedy Writers - Pays $40/piece
Runt of the Web

Freelance Art Writers
new art website

Freelance Telecom Bloggers - Pays $100/post
telecom firm

Freelance Content Writer - Pays $50-$150

Freelance Fashion Copywriter

Freelance Financial Blogger - smart investing

Freelance Communication and Negotiation Ghostblogger
blind ad

Freelance Trend Researcher
Blueshift Research

Freelance Researchers

Freelance Food Diners - Dining and Restaurant Content

Freelance Writer

Freelance Swedish Translator
As Wish

Paying Markets And Jobs For July 22nd
published: July 22, 2015


Faith Today
CURRENT NEEDS: "300-word Canadian related news stories and profiles." Pays $0.20/word (CAD) for 300-2000 words.

General Aviation News
CURRENT NEEDS: "We accept only feature stories from our writers. Usually stories about airplanes and their owners, fly-ins, pilots." Pays $150 for 500-1500 words.

Healthcare Journal of New Orleans
CURRENT NEEDS: "Feature articles of interest to local healthcare professionals." Pays $0.30/word for 1000-2000 words.

The Horn Book Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: "Nonfiction interviews with children's book authors and illustrators, topics of interest to the children's book world." Pays $100-$200 for up to 2000 words.


Freelance JOBS

Freelance Contributing Editor/Youth Mentor - near Los Angeles, CA. Pays $20-$22/hour.
Boyle Heights Beat

Freelance Writer - commerce and gadgets
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Restaurant Critic / Food Reporter
Phoenix New Times

Freelance Financial Writer
Fund Pro Latin America

Freelance Copywriter and Editor - to review a film synopsis
Tribeca Shortlist

Freelance Health/Recipe Writer - Pays up to $20/hour.
weight loss start-up

Freelance Copywriter
firm serving the real estate investment community

Freelance Grant Writer
grant writing firm

Freelance Marketing Implementer/Digital Reporter

Freelance Writer - Pays $10/hour
legal document preparation service

Freelance Product Copywriter - near North Seattle. Pays "around $24/hour."
ecommerce firm

Freelance Writer - near Chicago, IL. Pays $75/post.
digital marketing firm

Freelance Copyeditor / Proofreader
C's Editing

Freelance Editor - with reality TV and long-form documentary experience
documentary honoring a military veteran

Freelancer - to create mnemonics
blind ad

Freelance Reporter/Writer
online publication

Freelance Business Case Writer
blind ad

Freelance Editorial Assistant
Kaufman Wills Fusting Editorial Services

Freelance Science/Nutrition Editor/Writer - Pays approx. $15/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Online Researchers
Wonder /

Freelance Travel Guidebook Writer - Tahiti/French Polynesia - Pays advance and royalies.
Avalon Travel

Freelance Blogger - communication and negotiation expert
blind ad

Freelance Blogger - outdoor enthusiast
pro-woman outdoor blog

Freelance Blogger - painting expert
Philadelphia-based painting company

Freelance Healthcare Writer
urgent care provider

Freelance Ghostblogger - Pays $80/post.
firm specializing in leadership training for executives

Freelance Korean-English Translator - Pays $20-$40/hour.
blind ad

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