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Paying Markets And Jobs For May 20th
published: May 20, 2015


Nature Friend
CURRENT NEEDS: "We are short on good stories. We need stories where children/families are doing something in nature. We are primarily about wild nature rather than domestic (farm life), but can be anything related to birds, animals, plants, marine life, astronomy, rocks, etc." Pays $0.05/word for 400-2000 words.

North American Builders
CURRENT NEEDS: "Stories written on projects/companies we are covering in the industry. We would supply the contacts at the featured company along with all of the details on what the story should be about." Pays $150 for 800-1000 words.

Recreation News
CURRENT NEEDS: "Do not submit anything until you review our Writer's Guidelines." Pays flat fee of $100-$300 for 600-1,000 words.

Your Pet Space Blog
CURRENT NEEDS: "Posts containing product reviews, breed or organization profiles, topics on pet causes, personal pet stories." Pays $20 per qualifying post.


Freelance JOBS

Freelance French-speaking writer

Freelance Writers/Photographers - near Detroit, MI eastside/suburbs. Pays $100.
blind ad

Freelance Investigative Reporter
Glammonitor, Inc.

Freelance Financial Writers
InvestorPlace Media

Freelance Social Media Copywriter
Honest Tea

Freelance Website QA / Content Coordinator
Pierre Fabre USA

Freelance Writer - near Kirkland, WA. Pays $75/article.
Kirkland Living magazine

Freelance Multilingual Content Freelancer - Pays $12-$15/hour.

Freelance Web Content Developer - Pays $15-$20/hour.
Access Chicago Realty

Freelance Travel Writer - near Manhattan
Culture Magazine - #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine

Freelance Travel Writer - near Brooklyn, NY
Culture Magazine - #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine

Freelance Travel Writer - near Los Angeles, CA
Culture Magazine - #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine

Freelance Content & Marketing Professional
Vertuous, LLC

Freelance Business Writers / Tech Writers
Idea Campus

Freelance Researcher - with knowledge of Asia Pacific
international HR consulting firm

Freelance Business Analyst - Pays $10/hour.

Freelance Writers and Part-time Editor - Pays $75-$100.
BK magazine

Freelance Writer - near San Diego County, CA
blind ad

Freelance Staff Grant & Proposal Writer - Pays $2,000/month + other benefits
nonprofit Christian organization

Freelance Tech Expert Blogger - Pays $50/post.
IT outsourcing and tech solutions company

Freelance Science Blogger - Pays $50/post.
compound pharmaceutical manufacturer

Freelance UX Expert Blogger - Pays $40/post.
UX firm

Freelance IT Security Expert Blogger - Public and Private Clouds. Pays $50/post.
data security firm

Freelance Copyeditor / Proofreader
small agency

Freelance Medical Record Reviewer - worker's comp
blind ad

Freelance PC Hardware & Software Reporter
Digital Trends

Freelance English Transcribers
ZOO Digital

Freelance Technical Writer - to "rewrite technical specs into "plain English" so a filmmaker can understand what is needed."
Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Freelance Content Editor - Pays $600/week
blind ad

Freelance Transcript Editor / Proofreader

Paying Markets And Jobs For May 13th
published: May 13, 2015


Affect Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: "Stories for our "Triumph" Series. These stories highlight the successes of an individual who has overcome adversity. Topics of adversity vary: medical or mental illness, homelessness, illiteracy, physical or mental abuse, disability, discrimination, etc.; Features of non profit organizations (serving the local community or nationwide) for our "Solutions" series." Pays $0.10/word for 400-1700 words.

The Appraisers Standard
CURRENT NEEDS: "Articles about antiques, art, off beat things OK, but has to be interesting, off beat, not wild or vulgar." Pays $50-$60 for 300 to 500 words.

Celtic Life International Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: "Articles on Celtic themes - from personalities, to travel, history, traditions, entertainment, literature, music, Gaelic language and short fiction." Pays $0.20/word (CAD) for 160-2000 words.

CURRENT NEEDS: Queries. Pays $20 for up to 1500 words. Submit query by online form.

CURRENT NEEDS: "Original interviews, topical stories." Pays $0.15-$0.20/word for 200-2500 words.



Freelance Reporter - in New York City, NY

Freelance Stringer - in Baltimore, MD

Freelance Sponsored Content Freelance Writers
U.S. News & World Report

Freelance General Assignment Reporter - near Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Sentinel

Freelance Travel Writers (3) - Pays $100-$300/article.

Freelance Associate Editor - Pays "under $45K"

Freelance Reporter

Freelance Project Editor - federal budget book
indie book publisher

Freelance Copywriters
PR agency

Freelance Reporter - near Pacific City, OR. Pays $0.07-$0.10/published word.
popular coastal bi-weekly

Freelance Technical Illustrator/Writer
Stern Pinball, Inc.

Freelance Weekend Editor - Pays $450/month

Freelance Resume Writer
resume writing company

Freelance International Affairs Consultants - Pays $1,000 for report of around 3,000 words
Shanghai Everbright International Affairs Consulting Co.

Freelance Music, Sports and Money Writers

Freelance Blogs, Editors, and Blog Managers - Pays $50K/year.

Freelance Writer/Editor - Pays $10-$13/hour.
"progressive new web journal:

Freelance Newsletter and Social Media Writer
senior living community

Freelance BBQ Blogger / Social Media Writer - Pays $100-$125/month.
specialty grocery ecommerce site

Freelance Editor-in-Chief - Pays $700/week.
website and content development agency

Freelance Tech Expert Blogger - Pays $40/post.
IT outsourcing and tech solutions company

Freelance Risk/Reward and Insurance Blogger - Pays $50/post.
risk/reward and insurance consulting firm

Freelance Wine Blogger - Pays $40/post.
wine collection service

Freelance Software Development Blogger - Pays $50/post.
software development firm

Freelance Writers / Researchers
multi-media project related to meditation

Freelance General Assignment Reporter - near Tiburon, CA. Pays $18/hour.
The Ark

Freelance Spanish and English Transcriptionists - Pays $10-$25/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Polish Translator
E! News International

Freelance Japanese to English translators + Editors and Proofreaders

Freelance Mandarin Translator - for blogs. Pays $10-$15/hour.
real estate website

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