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Paying Markets And Jobs For September 10th
published: September 10, 2014


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

ABILITY Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: Freelancers with "editing skills." Pays $17/hour.

The Antigonish Review
CURRENT NEEDS: Queries. Pays "$50.00 plus two copies for fiction, essays, articles and book reviews. $10.00 per page to a maximum of $50.00 plus two copies for poetry $100.00 plus two copies for cover art."

Antioch Review
CURRENT NEEDS: "As always, their best work." Pays $20 per published page.



Freelance Journalist
publisher of international business news

Freelance Sports Writers - near Portland, OR

Freelance Tech Writer/Blogger - Pays $150-$250/post
tech company

Freelance Blog Designer and Content Manager
blog promoting an about-to-be published book

Freelance LinkedIn Profile Writer

Freelance Aggregation Assistant - Pays $11/hour
news aggregation website and newsletter

Freelance Copywriter - for books about history, politics, and current affairs

Freelance Writers / Editors
online health publication

Freelance Freelance Writers / Spanish Teachers - for blog posts on teaching Spanish. Pays $70/post

Freelance Social Media Guru
Integrity Products

Freelance Blogger - interior design/home decor
ecommerce site

Freelance Writer / Blogger - Pays $300/month
private investigations firm

Freelance Writers
DARPAN Magazine

Freelance Print Advertising Writer - for website and marketing brochures
blind ad

Freelance Comedy and Internet Savvy Writers

Freelance Writers, PR Professionals and Social Media Managers - Pays $600-$1,000/week
content, PR and social media marketing firm

Freelance Art Director - to art direct and design 48-page monthly magazine off site and more
The Texas Observer

Freelance Journalists - near Naples/Collier County, FL region
new online media start-up

Freelance IT Writer - Pays $100-$150 (AU)
IT services and cloud firm

Freelance Financial Blogger - Pays $100/post
blind ad

Freelance ESL Website Manager

Freelance English to Dutch Translator
blind ad

English to Japanese Translator
blind ad

Freelance Transcriptionists - Pays $17-$24/hour
transcription company

Freelance Music Publicist
"worldwide independent record label headquartered in Washington, DC Metro"

Freelance English Transcribers

Freelance Music Bloggers/Reviewers - Pays $10-$60/post
Music promotion/PR company

Freelance Translators - Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Aventi Group

Paying Markets And Jobs For September 3rd
published: September 3, 2014


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

The Appraisers Standard
CURRENT NEEDS: "Articles about antiques, art, off beat things OK, but has to be interesting, off beat, not wild or vulgar." Pays $50-$60 for 300 to 500 words.

CURRENT NEEDS: "Non-fiction, 1000-5000 words. Short essays, 100-1000 words=$150; 1000-2000 words=$250.00; 2000-3000 words=$300.00; 3000-4000 words=$350.00; 4000+ words=$400.00."

BUTTON, New England's Tiniest Magazine of Poetry
CURRENT NEEDS: "Knowledgeable and confident writing." Pays small honorarium.



Freelance Sports Writers - Pays $15-$30
BennettRank, Inc.

Freelance Financial Journalist
Connecticut Financial News

Freelance Correspondents
SouthCoast Media Group / The Standard-Times

Freelance Researcher/Writer

Freelance Writer / Editor
Plain-English Media LLC

Freelance Community Moderator
Daily Mail Online

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writers - Pays $50

Freelance Blogger
blog about non-financial issues affecting affluent people

Freelance Social Media / Online Marketer - Pays $12/hour.

Freelance Writers (10)
"a fortune 500 firm"

Freelance Researcher - Pays $20/hour

Freelance Writer - Pays $12-$15/hour

Freelance Managing Editor
"leading e-commerce site"

Freelance Editor

Freelance Interviewer/Assessor - Pays $20/hour
International Skill Verification Services (ISVS)

Freelance Content Manager
digital health company

Freelance Communications Specialist - Pays $45K-$55K/year
The Biomimicry Institute (TBI)

Freelance Medical Writers
TriMed Media Group

Freelance Editorial Research Assistant
B & A

Freelance Technical Copywriter - Pays $45K/year + benefits
Square 2 Marketing

Freelance Copywriter - with dental experience
Progressive Dental Marketing

Freelance Editor/Publisher
Builders Club North, Inc.

Freelance Office Manager - near Newtown Square, PA. Pays $15-$20/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Reporters

Freelance Blogger - Pays $250-$450/month
blind ad

Freelance Copy Writer
food website

Freelance Grant Writer
Wellmet Project /

Freelance Entertainment Writers
Fashion Times Co.

Freelance Professional Bloggers
eLearning company

Freelance Medical/Legal Proofreader - near Minnetonka, MN. Pays $10/hour.
Woodlake Medical Management

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