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Paying Markets And Jobs For February 26th
published: February 26, 2015


Church Libraries
CURRENT NEEDS: "How-to articles on running a church library and special promotional events, profiles of church libraries with photographs (high resolution electronic, some vertical)." Pays $0.05/word for 500-1500 words.

Dakotafire Media
CURRENT NEEDS: "Stories that are relevant to readers in the rural Dakotas. Topics include agriculture, rural revitalization, rural policy, health, and education. Most stories are assigned, but freelancers are welcome to submit ideas." Pays $50-$150 for 700-1000 words.

Equipment Journal
CURRENT NEEDS: "We are looking for stories of construction, demolition, and paving projects, as well as new product releases (see the Editorial Calendar to find out the equipment focus). Stories that feature projects in Canada and interviews with Canadian end-users, dealers, and manufacturers have a higher rate of acceptance. We are also accepting video." Pays $0.30-$0.40/word for 200-1000 words.

Fine Books & Collections
CURRENT NEEDS: "Queries for our 'front-of-book' section: short newsy pieces on books, art, and collecting. We work 4-6 months in advance." Pays $0.20/word for 500-2000 words.



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Freelance Writers - Pays $0.15/word

Freelance Sea-Going Multimedia Journalists
Schmidt Ocean Institute

Freelance Local Experts

Freelance Florida High School Football Writers

Freelance Features Writer - human interest
Woman's World magazine

Freelance News Writer
ALM/ Real Estate Media

Freelance Writer / Content Curator

Freelance Writer
Hamptons Lifestyle Magazine

Freelance Proposal Coordinator - Pays $80K/year + benefits
Harkcon, Inc.

Freelance Field Researcher and Writer - near New York City
travel startup

Freelance Journalists & Non-Fiction Writers
blind ad

Freelance Transcriptionists / Closed Captions Team Members

Freelance Editor - Pays $35K-$40K/year
laundry services trade magazine

Freelance Content Screener - Pays $10.50/hour

Freelance Senior News Writer
Government Security News

Freelance Expert Level Storyboard Writers - Pays $20-$30/hour
GC Learning Services

Freelance Resume Writer
blind ad

Freelance Small Business Expert Blogger - Pays $50/post
blind ad

Freelance Writers - Pays up to $500/week
blind ad

Freelance Blogger / Editor - Pays $18-$20/hour
Open Development, Inc. / CanIRank

Freelance Online Dating Profile Writers - Pays $78-$120/profile

Freelance Layout / Styling Expert - Pays $15/hour
indie publisher

Freelance Corporate Journalist

Paying Markets And Jobs For February 19th
published: February 19, 2015


CURRENT NEEDS: "I need ideas for articles about NEH-supported or state-council-supported projects in South, Midwest, and rural areas especially away from the coasts." Pays flat fee that varies with department.

Indian Life
CURRENT NEEDS: "Authentic stories of Native Americans who have a challenging life story, whose life has been transformed by Jesus Christ." Pays $0.15/word up to $175 for 500-2000 words.

Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management
CURRENT NEEDS "Short essays about an incident or experience having to do with being a patient. Should be compelling, unique or told well AND of interest to clinicians; the audience is NOT other patients or the general public" Pays $100 for 2000 words.

Journal of Information Ethics
CURRENT NEEDS: Queries. Pays $25-$50. Submit query by email.



DO YOU PAY WRITERS? We'll post your ad for free (provided you pay respectable wages).
Send your ad to Angela here:

Freelance Accounting and Estate Planning Writer
business-to-consumer newsletter company

Freelance Writer
Turley Publications

Freelance Technology Writer
blind ad

Freelance Writers - Pays $0.15/word

Freelance Social Media / Online Marketer - Pays $12/hour
blind ad

Freelance "Finishing" Writers - Pays $20/post.
blind ad

Freelance Blogger
health insurance agency

Freelance Writer

Freelance Web Product Copywriter
ecommerce company

Freelance Researcher/Blogger - Pays $20/hour
blind ad

Freelance Proofreader / Editor - Pays $18-$20/hour
blind ad

Freelance Writer - Pays $25/hour

Freelance Technology Writer - Pays $0.10-$0.20/word
technology firm

Freelance Online Researcher and Copywriter - Pays $20/hour

Freelance Assistant - Pays $18-$20/hour
established writer

Freelance Writers - interested in the grooming & hair care fields
grooming/haircare website

Freelance Writers - Pays $50-$150/article
media company

Freelance Legal Transcriptionists & Proofreaders

Freelance Illustrator - Pays $30/image
creative content-generating company

Freelance Recipe Editor - Pays $15-$25/hour

Freelance Staff Writer

Freelance Proofreaders
S&P Capital IQ

Freelance Automotive Writers
IB Publishing

Freelance Marketing Writer

Freelance News Reporter

Freelance eCommerce Products, Manufacturer, and Category Administrator - Pays $12-$14/hour

Freelance Fact Checker - near Brookline, MA
America's Test Kitchen / Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines

Freelance Business and Management Writers
Callisto Media Inc.

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