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Paying Markets And Jobs For July 1st
published: July 1, 2015


Big Pulp
CURRENT NEEDS: "In general, we seek short fiction and poems in the SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance genres. We also publish themed anthologies - i.e.: zombies - and will announce those when we hope for submissions." Pays $5/poem or $5-$25/short story.

CURRENT NEEDS: "Currently looking for content on a range of topics, specifically education, career, insurance and real estate. Our (pay) scale ranges from $50 to $80 depending on how many articles each writer has published with us before. $10-$25 bonuses may be added on top of that for length or difficulty, and an extra $25 bonus may be awarded for excellence. Blog posts are paid after publication, 5 cents per word."

Cadet Quest
CURRENT NEEDS: Pays $0.05-0.08/word for 900-1300 words (fiction) and 700-1200 words (articles).

Chiropractic Economics
CURRENT NEEDS: "Our editorial calendar is posted at:" Pay rates: Short articles - $125 to $200; Feature articles - $450 to $550; Web-only - $50.


Freelance JOBS

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelance B2B Reporter - to cover associations and advocacy
CQ Roll Call

Freelance Healthcare Journalist/Writer
SmartBug Media

Freelance Technology, Engineering Journalists/Writers
SmartBug Media

Freelance Business Journalist/Copywriter
SmartBug Media

Freelance Paid Intern - Pays $9/hour

Freelance UK Localization Expert
tech company

Freelance Healthcare Blogger
urgent care provider

Freelance Sales Blogger
sales, motivation, and negotiation expert

Freelance Journalist and

Freelance Bloggers

Freelance Photographer - school pictures in New York
Irvin Simon Photographers

Freelance Diet, Health, and Cookbook Authors
Callisto Media

Freelance Editors

Freelance Full-time Recruiter - to find writers. Pays $600/week.
blind ad

Freelance Writer, Editor, Organizer
president of global health research company

Freelance Blogger
pet-related website

Freelance Blogges - Pays $10-$80/post

Freelance Writers
new dog magazine

Freelance "Master Wordsmith" - Pays $600/week.

Freelance LGBT Blogger / Copywriter
blind ad

Freelance Online Community Manager - Pays $1500/month

Freelance Proofreaders

Freelance Google AdWords Marketing Writer - Pays $150-$250.
Google Adwords management agency

Freelance Technical Writers
Metia, Inc. /

Freelance B2B Writers - Pays $40-$80

Freelance Writers
Northwest Catholic Online

Paying Markets And Jobs For June 24th
published: June 24, 2015


Church Production Magazine, Worship Facilities Magazine and Designer Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: Queries. Pays flat fee.

Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals
CURRENT NEEDS: "Eldridge Christian Plays sells to churches of all sizes and denominations and many of the titles are holiday-based." Pays royalty, 50 percent; copy sales, 10 percent.

Houseboat Magazine
CURRENT NEEDS: "Old Boat Stories (Vintage houseboats that have been fixed up with before and after photos)." Pays $200-$400 for 1200-1800 words.

The Independent Restaurateur
CURRENT NEEDS: "Experienced writers with good ideas and a passion for the industry and/or food and drink. Individuals with connections/experience in the restaurant industry who will be able to snag good interviews or have expertise they can lend to writing informative articles for our readership." Pays $50 for 600-800 words.


Freelance JOBS

Freelance Copywriter - to "revamp copy" on website. Pays up to $40/hour.

Freelance Writers

Freelance Blogger - yearbooks
provider of personalized yearbooks for K-12

Freelance Blogger - sales motivation
"sales, motivation, and negotiation expert"

Freelance Blogger - health insurance expert. Pays $50/post.
healthcare consulting group

Freelance Blogger - business and contracting expert
surety bond provider

Freelance Wedding Blogger - Pays $25/post.
wedding planning & event design studio

Freelance SEO Copywriter
SEO and web development firm

Freelance Music Bloggers/Reviewers
music promotion/PR company

Freelance Writers / Editors - several historical and other projects
blind ad

Freelance Web/Blog Copywriter
building materials supply and renovation company

Freelance "Creativity Guard" - for client communications
blind ad

Freelance Editors - nurse subject matter experts. Pays $225/lesson.
blind ad

Freelance Middle School Math Textbook Editors
Pay starts at $850/chapter
CK-12 Foundation /

Freelance Online Summer Researcher - college admissions data
blind ad

Freelance Technical Writer
marketing firm

Freelance Editor and Content Writers
credit card portal

Freelance Manager/Writer
The Master Switch /

Freelance Legal Copywriters
law firm

Freelance Blogger
law firm, which maintains several law related blogs

Freelance Curriculum Writer
elearning solutions provider

Freelance Sports Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Auto Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Style Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Fitness Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Blogger
Doghouse Agency

Freelance Freelance Financial Copy Editor
InvestorPlace Media

Freelance Business Journalists
Innovation Leader

Freelance Creative Writer - for jewelry brand
Nirav Modi

Freelance Web Editor
international business magazine

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