Whispers And Warnings For March 20th

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Judge rules emails sent using school equipment are personal; invasion of privacy lawsuit moves forward
“S*xually explicit emails sent and received by a former Des Moines school district superintendent using her district-issued email and laptop should have remained confidential, a Polk County District Court judge ruled this week.”

What is a music stream? Artists and labels in battle over digital income
“Dispute rages over how royalties should be split in the age of Spotify, Google and Ape.”

Former GM, wife file federal civil rights suit against Humboldt County Fair Association; Tituses allege free speech, press violations
“The lawsuit, filed on March 5 by Stuart and Caroline Titus, alleges the board declined to renew Stuart Titus’ contract in February 2013 in retaliation for his refusal to censor the weekly paper run by his wife.”

A photographer who took an iconic picture of Michigan football star Desmond Howard in 1991 has cleared a key hurdle in a lawsuit against several parties accused of using it without paying him.
“The defendants argue that Masck can’t pursue financial damages if the photo was used before he obtained a copyright.”

MP3Tunes’ Michael Robertson Loses Copyright Infringement Suit Filed by Capital Records
“Michael Robertson, the founder of online music site MP3Tunes.com–and another related, cloud music storage service Sideload.com, has been found liable in a copyright infringement lawsuit against him filed by Capital Records.”

Adult film company has sued more than 1,000 individuals who illegally downloaded their movies through sites like BitTorrent
“An adult film company called Malibu Media has the IP addresses for thousands of people and is now targeting them for copyright infringement.”

Does Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto have a case against Newsweek?
“This week’s emphatic denial from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto that he had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin also hinted at a possible lawsuit against Newsweek, though legal experts say it would be an uphill battle.”

Boston Herald Appeals Libel Verdict
“The Herald says its 2009 story about security in the state prison system was meticulously researched and it believes every word is correct.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: