National Women’s Mag Owes Me Money!

Hi Angela,

I have been reading your site for a few months, and I was wondering if this would be appropriate for Whispers and Warnings. I have written four articles for a national women’s magazine, one every month or two. The magazine’s policy is that writers are paid 60ish days after publication. The first was paid late (in the meantime, I was working on the 4th), and after much haranguing, they finally paid about a month late with excuses about how the financial department was held up due to this or that.

Now we’re at over 90 days on the second… so I’m detecting a pattern. I never signed a contract (I know, I know…) My emails asking about payment for the second are going largely ignored (my contact keeps saying, “I’ll check on it for you!” and then never responds).

I’ve Googled, and I can’t find anything from writers with similar experiences… what do you think? Thanks!

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