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UPDATED: 04/15/2016 SUMMARY (see details about each firm below) BookLocker: $675 (Deduct $200 if submitting your own cover.) Lulu: $1,089 Infinity Publishing: $1,097 (includes 5 “free” copies) CreateSpace: $1,151 (Deduct $299 if submitting your own cover. Add $500 if you want more than one image or color on your cover.) Trafford: $1,474 Xlibris: $1,723 iUniverse: […]

Writing Samples: What to Send and How to Send Them By Rich Mintzer

Writing Samples: What to Send and How to Send Them By Rich Mintzer

What should I send? That’s the question so many writers ponder when asked to “send clips” or “writing samples.” At first it seems as if the answer should be quite simple, a few of your best samples that fit the topic. But then you stop and wonder what else they may be looking for…

Do I Need to Copyright My Short Stories Individually? Nope!

I am a short story writer, and am putting together a website to market my stories — at a rate of one new story per month. I have the ‘store’ set up with PayPal and my ‘merchandising’ platform close to being ready. However, a self-published author has told me that I need to get each story published through a ‘real’ publishing house, ISBN number, the works, in order to protect that story. Is this true?

Writing and Selling Devotionals By Kim Sheard

Are you familiar enough with Biblical principles to write 100-400 words revolving around a scripture passage? If so, you can earn up to 20 cents per word with the single publication of a Christian devotional.

CreateSpace Complaints

CreateSpace Complaints

We’ve been getting more inquiries from disgruntled CreateSpace/BookSurge authors lately. From what we can tell, a service claiming to be “free” (if you follow all their rules and specs to the letter) can sure be expensive. Some authors are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to get their books published there. Here are some comments from recent CreateSpace / BookSurge authors who have approached us about moving their books to BookLocker…

SCRIBD.COM – Is Copyright Infringement Their Business Model and Are You a Victim, Too? By Wilfried F. Voss

There has been a great deal of commotion about Google’s controversial and potentially anti-competitive plans to digitalize millions of books, or the pricing war going on between Walmart, Target, and Amazon. It is surprising that only little attention has been paid to an even greater threat to authors and publishers by, a web site allowing the distribution of copyrighted documents, including digitalized versions of popular works such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard.