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How Much Are Writers Really Earning?

Last week, we pondered if, which seems to be running ads for writers EVERYWHERE, is just another pay-per-click meat market. I issued a call for “Examiners” to contact me, and to share their experiences. Sadly, some Examiners are working very hard for very, very little money…and seem very happy to be doing so. You’ll see that not everybody below is disgruntled so we believe this represents a fair sampling of Examiners.

When Customers Write Bad Checks: My Successful Collection Technique by Angela Hoy

As promised, this week I’m sharing the steps I take when somebody sends me a bad check. Sure, I understand that bookkeeping mistakes happen, but by the time my bank has notified me of a bad check, the person whose check bounced has usually already been notified by their bank. If they haven’t contacted me immediately to right their wrong, I have to assume their actions were malicious.