Writer, Hunter, Christian By J.Y. Jones

I’m a hunter, writer, and Christian. I’ve hunted in about 40 countries (no African hunting yet), with several forays to above 15,500 feet and one up to 17,500 feet, so I’m no stranger to altitude.

I also love to write, as my three novels on BookLocker.com will attest (I have eight more books out as well, plus two more done and ready). Another passion is Jesus Christ, whom I serve in everything I do. I’m still actively practicing ophthalmology and I’ve done 24 overseas mission trips as an eye surgeon.

I’ve been intrigued with mountain climbing since I climbed Mount Rainier as a young man, but the impulse lay dormant until I began looking at myself as age 65 came and went. My hunting has kept me in terrific shape for my age, so I decided to try something special with this body God has given me (not pretty or strong but very able), and I wanted to combine it with my desire to do more humanitarian work.

I formed a 501 (C) 3 organization to combine mountain climbing with humanitarian work, and also highlight the plight of medically underserved people. I decided to climb the Seven Summits, starting with Denali last summer, followed by Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua in Argentina next year.

The surgical clinics are falling into place. Now, I’m seeking six major corporate sponsors, and hope to be the oldest man to finish the Seven Summits in May of 2015. (I’ll be a camp doctor at Everest Base Camp in 2014, and that’s also when I’ll do my surgery clinic for Nepal’s Sherpa people.)

On completion of the task, I’ll also be the oldest Westerner (non-Asian) to climb Everest (third oldest overall). I can do the Seven Summits and do a lot of eye surgery in the process for underserved indigenous people.

If I’m successful, that would be great, but I could take no personal credit. It would be a tremendous witness to the grace of God in this aging eye surgeon’s life. And to Him goes all the praise and glory.

You can actually follow the progress of my expeditions at https://www.rmiguides.com/blog. Look under any information on the Tyler Jones/Garrett Stevens group, which is the one I’ll be in (unless something about me falls apart and I have to abort the climb). My facebook page is HERE.

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