Travel AND Writing – My Synergistic, Successful Career! by Heidi Siefkas

Travel AND Writing – My Synergistic, Successful Career! by Heidi Siefkas

Five years ago, I was a marketing and public relations executive in South Florida. I used my writing panache to earn a distant paycheck and health benefits with an easy commute from house to Cubicle Land and back, in fifteen minutes flat. However, I knew I had more potential than developing marketing copy for travel destinations and press releases for hospitality companies in me. Through my industry connections and good social media marketing (a.k.a. stalking), I received a call from a peer who knew I wanted to work in travel, but in a different, more personal way. This manna call was an opportunity to lead legal educational tours for Americans in Cuba. Yes, before Beyonce, Obama, and the Rolling Stones, I was uncovering the many layers of Cuba. Since 2013, I have been leading tours to Cuba with nearly thirty tours under my belt.

While on tour, typically two weeks a month, I have very little time to eat well, exercise, or sleep, much less write. However, upon my return, I have ample time to write. I don’t have a room of cubicles to supervise, nor a clock to punch. In so doing, I have written three inspirational, non-fiction books.

My most recent, Cubicle to Cuba: Dream Job to Desk Job, is a compilation of my travels to the once forbidden island and beyond. In fact, leading tours in Cuba opened many doors for me, whether leading tours in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, or writing articles. Because of my global travels and my books, I have written various articles for trade and consumer outlets, both print and online. Additionally, I have been featured on local news as well as empowerment conferences as a paid keynote speaker.

Although many authors before me have tended bar or waited tables, I found the secret recipe for me, which can work for you too. By blending my passions of travel and writing, I found a synergy. One fed off the other. One provided a paycheck, but also stories and time off to write. Not surprisingly, because of this synergistic energy, opportunities continue to present themselves.

I encourage you to architect your own hybrid career. The secret is finding a synergy.

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Originally from small-town Wisconsin, Heidi hangs her hat in South Florida. However, as an adventurer, she’s rarely home for long. In fact, your best bet is to find her in Cuba. Also, Heidi is a speaker, the creator of the mantra Look Up, and author of three inspirational, non-fiction books When All Balls Drop, With New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba. Follow her adventures and be inspired




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  1. Heidi Siefkas  May 21, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Gracias for featuring my story! I just got back from another adventure in Cuba. After over five years on the once forbidden island, Cuba continues to fascinate me. Check out the stories these travels have provided on my blog as well as my book Cubicle to Cuba.