How I Became a Go-to Gambling Writer By George Hunt

All freelance writers strive to find interesting gigs that pay well, and also offer a sustained income over time. There are many avenues to this goal. My success story happened with the grace of God and a person serving as a writers’ headhunter of sorts (a representative) working for some publishers in Liverpool, England. My story is all about being a decent writer and having extensive personal knowledge of casino and poker gaming. It was this knowledge base that landed me the representative and several years of steady, well-paying jobs.

The representative found out about me and my gaming knowledge because I had written many articles on gaming. I found these assignments on writer job sites and landed several early in my freelance writing efforts She posted on one of the Writing sites that she was looking for a writer that could handle multiple articles about all forms of gaming. I responded with sample gaming articles that I had previously sold. She liked them and the online gaming sites that she had as clients also thought they could use articles like the samples.

My connected representative and I hit it off almost immediately. She started emailing me about possible jobs that she was privy to. The article count increased over time and many assignments had very short delivery schedules. The worst one was 25000 words in ten articles requested on a Monday with a delivery time of the coming Friday. I told her that I would try to meet the deadline, and did by sending them to her late on Friday evening. I got a nice bonus for making this happen and her online casino was pleased with the work, and gave her more jobs for me to do. The best part of this series of gigs was the payment amounts and method – via PayPal. I delivered and got paid.

Two factors worked to my benefit in landing this series of writing jobs.

1. I did not have to do much research to write the gaming articles as I knew this area cold. From my own personal knowledge and experience I could write with authority about all forms of gambling. Any writer with this type of knowledge would be wise to pursue writing jobs that called for a freelancer with real knowledge in a specific area. If a writer can become the GO-TO Writer in such an area of knowledge, they should be able to land many related jobs.

2. The second factor was having a representative that had the contacts to sell my work. A good representative saves time and can keep a working writer busy.

After graduating from the University of Miami, George Hunt flew B-52s for 5 years for the USAF. In 1980, Money Maker magazine, owned by Consumer’s Digest, published several of his articles about the stock market. These articles were the breakout for George. He spent five years writing gaming articles for online casinos in England. Since then he has written for several national magazines and web publications. Currently, he has a novel under publication consideration. Selling a novel is the last item on the bucket list that he made when he was 18 years of age.


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