Find Your Niche By Beth Dolgner

On a typical day, I write about everything from MINI Coopers to sponsorship deals, from motorcycle exhausts to champions. I have found my niche, and it is motorsports.

Oftentimes, writers will worry about getting pigeonholed, but establishing yourself as a writing expert in a given field can yield great results. In my career, I have benefitted from working in the motorsports community.

I grew up in Sebring, Florida, home of the annual 12 Hours of Sebring, a sports car race where manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Corvette and Porsche show off their prowess. My parents volunteered in the media center during the race, and at the age of 12, I followed suit.

I enjoyed being around motorsports journalists and public relations representatives so much that I decided to make it a career. My work in the media center helped me secure an internship at Sebring International Raceway during college. From there, I began volunteering at their sister track, Road Atlanta.

All of that volunteering paid off when I was offered a public relations job at Road Atlanta. After cutting my teeth there, I became a freelance writer in the sports car racing and motorcycle industries.

Ten years ago, I began doing public relations for a team that races BMW M3s. Now, I have an additional four clients who approached me simply because they knew me from my work with that team.

In the motorcycle industry, my work as a freelancer with one magazine led to more opportunities, and now I have a bevy of clients who hired me because they knew my reputation, or because I came recommended.

I’ve been lucky enough to establish myself in an industry about which I have a great deal of passion. Hard work, professionalism and knowing my market have allowed me to ditch a cubicle for the race track.

Beth Dolgner is a writer and editor for professional race teams, high-performance specialists and magazines. Her work has appeared in 2Wheel Tuner, Throttle Nation, Roadracing World, Grassroots Motorsports and Road Racer X. Beth is also the author of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series. Find her online at


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