P.O. Box 8747
Metairie LA 70011-8747

Phone: 504-940-7156

Editor: Virginia Howard, Executive Editor
Email address:

About The Publication:

“THEMA is a theme-generated journal of short stories, poetry, art and photography, each issue a stand-alone anthology based on a unique theme. The journal is designed to provide a stimulating forum for established and emerging literary artists, to serve as source material and inspiration for teachers of creative writing, and to provide readers with a unique collection of creative work.”

Pays $10-$25.00.

Current Needs:

“Upcoming themes appear in the writer’s guidelines.” Payments – “Short story (over 1,000 words): $25.00. Short-short story (under 1,000 words): $10.00. Poem: $10.00. Submit complete ms with cover letter specifying the target theme. BE SURE to specify target theme.”

“Short story (over 1,000 words): $25.00. Short-short story (under 1,000 words): $10.00. Poem: $10.00.


Pay for interior photos/artwork is $10 (black and white); $25 for cover art/photograph (color). “Submit 5 x 7 copy of photo/art. BE SURE to specify the target theme.”


“Be familiar with the publication. Be aware that a target theme is involved in the process. Do NOT submit without specifying the target theme for which your piece is intended. Have fun with the theme and let the idea tease your creativity.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes