The Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead
Campus House, 11 Garland Ct., P.O. Box 4400, University of New Brunswick,
Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5A3

Phone: (506)453-3501

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About The Publication:

“The Fiddlehead, Atlantic Canada’s international literary journal, is entertainment for the thoughtful with its mix of poetry and stories by established and new writers.” Welcomes new writers. 100% freelance. Circ. 1200. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within two issues of acceptance. Buys “first serial publication rights – all other rights remain with the author, but we ask if the work is reprinted elsewhere that the first publication in The Fiddlehead be acknowledged.” Responds in 1-6 months. Various Canadian booksellers and newsstands carry The Fiddlehead (see our retailer’s page for exact locations: A copy of the most current issue can be obtained via the NewPages Magazine webstore: and back issues (if not sold out) along with current issue can be purchased directly from our office. They usually range in price from $10 – $15 plus shipping. Email us for details. The Fiddlehead’s subscription rates for one year (4 issues) are $30 for Canada and $36 for the USA and all other countries; two-year (8 issues) subscriptions are available for $55 in Canada and $67 for the USA and all other countries. You can either subscribe via our online payment service or download an order form, print it out, fill it out, and send it to us with your payment.

Current Needs:

“The Fiddlehead is open to good writing in English from all over the world, looking always for freshness and surprise. Our editors are always happy to see new unsolicited works in fiction and poetry. Work is read all year round and we are have no themed issues coming up at this time. Apart from our annual contest we have no deadlines for submissions.” Pays $40 CAD per full-published page, or $20 per half page. Minimum payment for story or poem is $40. “Submit using these guidelines:
The Fiddlehead considers only unpublished work. No faxed, emailed submissions accepted. Please do not send CDs, DVDs, USB drives, etc. Please do not submit previously published or accepted for published material, including work published in anthologies, chapbooks, or online journals. Include a cover letter with contact information (including your email address, if you have one), the title(s) and genre of the work(s) you are submitting and one to three lines of biographical information about your writing career. All submissions should be typed/word-processed, spell-checked, and paginated. Please use white paper, print on one side only, and put your name on every page of your submission. We do not encourage simultaneous submissions to The Fiddlehead, but we will consider them. You must mention in your cover letter that the submission is simultaneous and, even more importantly you must contact us immediately if your submitted work is accepted elsewhere for publication. A short fiction submission should be double spaced and not over 6,000 words. Unless a submission is very, very short (under 1000 words), please send only one short fiction submission at a time. A poetry submission may be single-spaced. Please submit no more than 10 poems per submission. No more than one poem on a page. If a poem runs more than one page, please put the poem’s title in the headers of the additional page(s) and make sure the pages are numbered. To receive a handwritten response, you must include a SASE, that is, a self-addressed envelope, with the correct amount of postage on it. If you wish to receive your whole manuscript back, please say so in your cover letter and include a large enough self-addressed envelope with the correct amount of postage. If the envelope is too small or there is not enough postage, your manuscript will not be returned. To those submitting from outside Canada: We cannot send back a response using stamps from the U.S.A. or elsewhere; so your SASE should have either the correct amount of Canadian postage on it or you should enclose or cash/cheque/money order (CAD or USD only, please).”

Pays $40 CAD per full-published page, or $20 per half page. Minimum payment for story or poem is $40.


The Fiddlehead does not consider unsolicited artwork unless the artist is from the province of New Brunswick.


“Probably the two most common mistakes are 1) writers not taking the time to make sure that submission looks professional (that is, making sure that the submission is printed out on good paper, uses a clean, readable font, has been proofread, etc.) and 2) writers sending us work isn’t suitable for The Fiddlehead (e.g., sending us a story for children complete with pictures). Before you submit to The Fiddlehead, please, at the very least, check out the website and look at the information on the current and past issues. On the current issue page we always published a poem or two and an excerpt or two from the stories in that issue. Our previous issues page has the tables of contents of recent back issues so you can easily find out what authors have been published recently in The Fiddlehead. Much better is to read an issue or two to get a sense of whether The Fiddlehead would be a suitable venue for your work. Be professional — make sure that your cover letter contains all needed contact information and that your submission confirms to The Fiddlehead’s submission guidelines. Take the time to proofread everything before sending it out. If you have any questions then contact us via email or by phone with your questions.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes