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The Baltimore Review

The Baltimore Review


Editor: Barbara Westwood Diehl, Senior Editor
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About The Publication:

“The mission of The Baltimore Review, founded in 1996, is to showcase Baltimore as a literary hub of diverse writing, and promote the work of emerging and established writers from the Baltimore area, from across the U.S., and beyond. The BR publishes poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, and also sponsors two themed contests each year. We do not charge any fees for non-contest submissions.” Welcomes new writers. Quarterly. Pays upon publication. Buys first rights. No reprints. Responds within four months. Sample copies online. Guidelines online at

Pays $40 for regular (non-contest) submissions

Current Needs:

“Poems, short stories, creative nonfiction. We also accept video submissions.” Pays $40 for regular (non-contest) submissions. Submissions may include “1-3 poems, 1 short story (5,000 words max), or 1 work of creative non fiction (5,000 words max). Up to 3 pieces of flash fiction/creative non fiction may be submitted. Brief note with third-person bio should be included in the Submitted cover note box.”

Pays $40 for regular (non-contest) submissions



“Writers should familiarize themselves with the BR and similar literary journals before submitting. It’s easy enough to cruise through lists of journals at,
Poets & Writers, The Review Review, and similar sites during lunch breaks. They should also take a few minutes to review the guidelines. There’s no sense submitting a 10,000-word piece to a journal with a 5,000-word limit. I recommend that writers read their work out loud to catch errors or run it by trusted readers before submitting. We receive many submissions that are a revision or two away from being publishable. Keep the cover note and bio brief. A simple ‘thank you for considering this story’ and a brief bio, similar to those included with work on our website, is all we need. If your work is accepted by one publication, always withdraw it immediately from other journals.”

Welcomes New Writers:

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