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Recreation News

Phone: (410)944-4852.

Editor: Marvin Bond, Editor.
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About The Publication:

“Print edition is monthly with more frequent electronic products. Recreation News Media Group has unique access to the huge federal employee base (civilian and military) in the Northern Virginia, Washington, and Maryland areas. We cover Mid-Atlantic travel destinations. Most stories are assigned as we are working with local tourism offices, attractions, and accommodations.” Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 1-3 months after acceptance. Responds within 24-48 hours. Guidelines by email.

Current Needs:

“Mid-Atlantic destinations only.” Pays $100 /article of 600 words; $200/assigned pieces that are longer. “Most stories are assigned, however queries are accepted.”

Pays $100/article of 600 words; $200/assigned pieces that are longer



“Read the guidelines. Don’t submit a full story on spec. Non-Mid-Atlantic stories not accepted.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes