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GoNOMAD Travel
9 Mountain Rd.
South Deerfield MA 01373

Phone: (413)512-1028
Website: https://www.gonomad.com
Guidelines: https://www.gonomad.com/travel-writer-guidelines

Editor: Max Hartshorne, Editor.
Email address: editorial@gonomad.com

About The Publication:

GoNOMAD has published unique and inspiring travel articles since 2000, we are a leader in creative travel writing and, as such, we publish a new travel story every weekday. We are proud to have helped hundreds of travel writers get their start in travel writing, we publish stories from writers the world over. We are always looking for new stories about unusual and off beat travel and we pay for each published story.” Pays on publication. Publishes ms within 3-4 weeks after acceptance. Buys First N.A. Rights. No reprints. Guidelines online.

Pays $25/story with 1400-2000 words along with photos.

Current Needs:

“Looking for stories about relatively recent travel, to all parts of the world. See link to guidelines for some more specifics, but we like narrow-focused stories that capture trends, fashions, and new ideas and are not generally about countries. Writers are recommended to search for the geographic topic they want to write about to see what’s already been published.” Pays $25/story with 1400-2000 words along with photos. Submit complete ms with photos by email, or submit query with idea about a new trip via email.

Pays $25/story with 1400-2000 words along with photos.


“Have to have the images in a Google photo album with captions, headshot, close-ups, people a good representation of the destination or topic. We OFTEN have to ask the writer to include more or better images.”


“If we’ve already covered the topic or it’s not a topic we care about like a very touristic destination, that’s too vanilla for us.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes