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Abyss & Apex

Abyss & Apex
116 Tennyson Dr.
Lexington SC 29073

Website: http://www.abyssapexzine.com
Guidelines: http://www.abyssapexzine.com/submissions

Editor: Wendy S. Delmater, Editor & Publisher. Fiction Editors: Tonya Liburd, Senior Editor; Tom Simon, Editor-at-Large; Senior Assistant Fiction Editors: Kate O’Connor and Joanna Nelius. Jennifer Dawson, Flash Fiction Editor; John C. Mannone, Poetry Editor
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About The Publication:

Welcomes new writers. “25% of our stories are the first things that writer have published. We cannot afford to pay pro rates so, if we see promise in a writer we work with them on rewrites and MAKE pro writers. Quarterly. Pays 30 days after publication. Publishes around a year after acceptance. Buys “World English Rights, for publication in the English language on the World Wide Web and in downloadable PDF; Right of first offer on world anthology rights; The work shall be available online through an archived copy for at least four months and then Indefinitely or until the author requests its removal.” No reprints. Responds between 2 weeks to 6 months. Sample copies online.

Pays $0.06/word, not to exceed $75/story.

Current Needs:

“More Science Fiction, more flash. We are AWASH in fantasy.” Pays $0.06/word, not to exceed $75/story. No minimum, 10K words max.





“Please follow the guidelines and watch carefully for our open reading periods, which are only a week long.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes